Using pve team on pvp

I have always had this issue where i accidentally run a pve team a pvp battle. This can be a huge setback for someone going on top 1 (like @NMEduck, happened a once and once got 7th place.) What I would suggest is to have a mark/indicator on the team that separates pvp team from pve team which you yourself setup on every team on your 18 teams available.

@Dev_VKC This is due a long time now.


Since we became able to name our teams, I thought this is mostly resolved. I mean, we already check we have the right team for any PvE battle so is it really that hard to look at the team name before queuing for a match when the name is literally there on the screen below the button you’re about to click?

Sometimes pvp and pve battles happen back to back multiple times. It might be easy for a control freak or something but someone with adhd is gonna blast right through without looking. Happens all the time, I’d just like to have it impossible to enter pvp with a pve team and wise versa

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and those names sometime get reset for idk why.

I cannot count the number of times I entered pvp with PVe teams especially when you are doing both events simultaneously.

i deliberately enter PvP with PvE teams sometimes…

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