More team slots?

Could we please get 4 more team slots in the next update @devs? :slight_smile:


Yes please! Esp if we are gonna have 3 events plus SCB running at the same time.

Dont get me wrong, I rrally appreciate thr volume of content. I just usually like to have 4-5 PvP teams at a time and that doesnt leave much for hordes and TA.

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Uc, usual pve, hordes, dungeon, pvp and now time attack.

I have those teams saved always, but that leaves me only with 1 slot to work on which i have to delete each time i wanna make a new team. 4 more slots shouldnt be hard to add

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then they would have to change the cost, and that could easily be abused.

No we mean the number of teams you can have saved at a time. Currently we can have 8 teams. But with so many events running at once 10 or 12 would be really helpful.

oh i see, yes that would help immensely


and to have the ability to label them (Pve team, PvP team, wales etc.)

The best way to do this would be to save a “snapshot” of the teams. Give it a name and date then save it in an album (name we can edit later). Then we can access this album in the team editing screen and select “print into slot X” (1-8).

This will allow us to save all the teams we want and remake them quickly. The album size could be something big like 30 or 50.

Alternatively, if the printing from album is too hard to code, they could simply be saved as an image which we can view in the album. That way we can store teams and we just have to click between the album and the team editing screen to recreate it.

Edit: Adding a quote of my old post about this, in case the slight differences mean it’s easier to code/implement. I just want the Devs to pick it up as a good idea…

I like the convenience features here! What I really want to see is another two buttons…

Save: Saves a snapshot of the current team into an album. You have to give it a name when doing this.
View Album: Shows you any snapshots saved. Here you can re-name them, copy the team layout (to paste into a slot) or paste a currently copied team to replace what is saved. The album would have a snapshot limit of something like 30.

This functionality would be PERFECT for saving various teams we create. Currently I create screenshots which I store in my phone gallery so I can check them out later. 8 teams is good for storing particular teams we have for UC, DC, general PvE, GoH, PvP, etc. but there’s not much room to experiment with new teams and as you continue to make more events we’ll want to have even more teams stored.

Additional convenience idea!
Requested by a couple of people on the forum already… something on the outer user interface (UI) saying which team we have selected. This could be a number next to our keys or next to our gems on the bottom. I click to “edit team” SO MANY times just to check which team I have selected!

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I think it’s easier for devs to just add up to 20 team slots, it’s more of a “copy/paste” subject than coding something entirely new

Yeah 20 slots would be the dream! However, if it’s needing to load all our teams at certain points then they may not want to add lots of slots as it will slow down load times. Better to throw a variety of ideas at them so they can pick which works best for them and the game.