Useless monster as per it's stars

So I evolved a legendary monster to full just now.

He had poison eater and I was sure it would become double poison eater even though I saw in neo monster wikipedia it wouldn’t

Anyways i evolve him and his poison eater did not turn into double poison eater like I hoped for

Like come on I have a Apophisking and seaviper who are four star Monsters and Flarewing being a legendary monster doesn’t have it.

Seems useless for such a high star monster

@Ashishg8898 The big thing with him is the stun immunity + auto poison (which is very useful in dealing with shield, stealth, hold groung) until you unlock his SS



It’s secret skill is instant double poison eater, so it does indeed have it

Flarevern is a very old monster, one of the original 22 legends that the game had at launch. The simplicity of his moveset, along with his pseudo-clone counterparts Tia and Omega, can very much be attributed to that old age. Along the way the devs did hand them their secret skills, which really helped Flarevern in particular slide back into relevance, if just a little(come to think of it, those poison epics didn’t always have double PE either lol. Link is a heck of a burden to keep up tho). And he’s at least blessed to have arguably the best passive in the game, stun immunity. His other passive, auto poison, is killer too, allows him to stand on his own feet instead of relying on another poison monster for support unlike a lot of other poison users. Used to be his signature skill, in fact. Really, his only weakness is how inefficient he is.

So, sorry if he doesn’t seem like much lol, but put him to work and I’m sure he can still do great things for ya.


But that can be used just once

Haha. I do understand this reaction

What I meant was I was sure a 6 star legendary monster would have Double poison eater

Bro it’s swift DPE …if it was instant DPE it could become a S/S+ tier.

Cuz it’s a secret skill and it has more fire power than regular moves


But why? Why would you expect something impossible? Is this a joke?

The first monster to ever have Double Poison Eater was, if I recall correctly, Banedragon, which was released post-launch. Flarevern has been in the game from launch.

Moreover, it’s not useless. Its ATK is very high and his Poison Eater can one-shot anything but full-defence legendaries or bulky water monsters. His Knockback can disrupt enemy strategies and bring into the field an already poisoned enemy, thanks to Auto Poison.
Moreover, Stun Immunity and the fact you’d want to put him together with other poison monsters means that he can’t be stunned and it’s very hard to put him asleep without being woken up by a friendly Poison Gas.

His Secret Skill, albeit one time use, is a guaranteed one-shot at the meager cost of 100 TU (instead of 200 TU)

Flarevern, Omegasdragon and Tiamazus are meant to support your poison sweeper and not be the sweepers themselves. While Flarevern is the most offensive-oriented of the trio, and Omegasdragon is the most support-oriented (thanks to Double Repulse), they all bring great value to any poison team.

It’s true that there are four 4★ monsters with 100 TU Double Poison Eater, as well as a 5★ (Volcavenus) but it’s behind the LINK restriction, which is, as @Lucrayzor said, a heavy restriction.
The only viable poison LINK strategy is LINK fire poison: Volcavenus, Flarevern, Volcagarmr and Freezecobra, with Keeperdragon in 5th.

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Ez dracorooosaaa feed

I don’t know about S+ tier, he’s still pretty slow, but he’d be pretty ■■■■■■■ good, that’s for sure.

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Hatch Omegasdragon then your realize that Flaver has been blessed with at least double poison eater

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Ok well a few things here.

Yes, some 4 star monsters have access to Double Poison Eater. As was mentioned, they also sit behind the Link restriction, and Double Poison Eater does not hit hard without high attack. The hardest it will hit is with both targets being poisoned, and with lower attack than Red Flutter (Pair Poison Eater hardly one shots anything without both targets poisoned) the 4 star mons were given the upgrade to make them viable in the Story mode and until people got stronger poison legends.

Flarevern also not only has Stun Immunity, but this keeps him free of Stun without being weak to Chrono Killer, a move which sits on many high speed or Roaring Entrance mons that love to come in on a Scorpiogeists sweep and ruin their day. He also is packing Auto Poison and Knockback, fantastic options for support and breaking enemy walls. The prevalence of Dusicyon in PvP makes many players, myself included, very thankful to have a mon with Auto Poison and Stun Immunity on our team.

I dont think there is much argument in my saying that Stun Immunity and Auto Poison are two of the best passive abilities in the game, so having monsters that pack both those abilities AND have more to offer makes them well worth the rank of Legend. I remember starting the game and restarting it over and over till I hatched an Auto Poison as my first egg, Tiamazeus. He carried me through the entire beginning story so I could save for 40 packs and single handedly (well, 4 handedly) was able to wreck through alot of the beginning online challenges.

He is worth far more than you know, is my point.


Thank you for the advice to begin with, I will look at the other monster mentioned (don’t have any of them currently)

I have put him in my poison team lineup which is good enough for now (I still need to learn how to make the most efficient team)

Attaching a picture of my poison team lineups.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

Okay. I am still new so might take time to understand these.

Also I got to know too late people keep restarting the game based on their first hatch, I don’t even remember mine.

I do have Dracorosa

I would have paired that fire SE with some more fire element mons cuz it has Link DPE

I am very rarely able to make those link attacks work.
Whenever I plan it my element monsters die before its turn comes up.

The only time link works for me is on starting lineup. I need to think and come up with a good lineup now.

The current one isn’t that great tbh

Ur FL needs an absorber


I have stopped using this poison lineup for now and am playing with stun and Timestrike monsters instead for now.

Reason: In the side quest mission The 4 guardians the poison lineup couldn’t defeat Lvl 2 (Master I guess) of the coop