Update Suggestion in Evolution Tab

This is very much a small thing, and it likely will not be of much care to older players, but as an older player who enjoys functionality over tons of screens, I would like to submit a suggestion to update the Evolutions Tab.

When using the screen to select a monster to Ultra Evolve, you can touch the picture of any of your monsters to see it’s stats, current moveset, and etc. Beside this is a picture of the monster it will Ultra Evolve into, but it has no function when you touch it.

My suggestion is to make it so you can tap the face of the monster you wish to Ultra Evolve (it’s Ultra Evolved form picture) and check it’s moveset/stats/abilities from the Ultra Evolution screen.

Reason being is simple - functionality and availability. There are many MANY monsters in this game, and with updates happening regularly and modifying Ultra Evolved moveset of older monsters to improve them (especially ones I never bothered to Ultra Evolve as they were usually useless clones such as Demolitron) and it would be much easier to check the movesets of what these creatures evolve into from the Ultra Evolution screen rather than having to go to my teams screen, click my selected monster, check the Monsterdex number, go to the online tab, click the community tab, click Monsterdex, scroll through and search for my monsters number (for which there is no “search” function which still baffles me), then click the Ultra Evolved form (assuming I have encountered it) and finally be able to see the moveset.

This previous paragraph and all it entails would be able to be expedited simply by adding the ability to see a monsters Ultra Evolved form and moveset from the Ultra Evolutions Tab by clicking the desired monsters portrait that is already there.

@Dev_VKC and others please give your opinions as I think this is a relatively simple ask that would improve the overall quality of the game. Thank you for your time.


So, bump to @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD @Killerdog

I responded to another thread like this not too long ago, must’ve missed this one. I’ve also asked the Devs about this and thought it would be a nice feature. However, it’s intentionally left like that so you can’t find out the information about the final form unless you’ve seen it in the game (i.e. can view it in the monsterdex).

I’m not the best at explaining the exact reasons why, but it’s something like they don’t want to spoil the surprise if you haven’t yet seen the final form and the aim is to have all monsters worth evolving so there shouldn’t be a decision needed about whether to evolve something. E.g. If you like a monster in its second form then you’ll probably like it even more in final form.

I understand the needing to see it thing, but it should still be accessible to check the final form moveset from the Evolution menu if you’ve seen it rather than having to search through the Monsterdex

Yeah, that would be useful