Monsterdex update is well overdue

Ok so I like to look through the monsterdex all the time. I appreciate I can see monsters I don’t own, but I’d really appreciate if there was as easier way to navigate the monsterdex. For example, the tabs these days only go about 3/4 if the way through:

Of course this assumes the tabs is even a particularly helpful system, because you need to know the general area to look for a monster. I’d quite appreciate instead of the tabs if we could get a filter system like with our own monsters so we can look for and find unknown monsters easier (it’s especially necessary for returning players like me!) @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD


A filter is all we need really.


Or if we can also search monsters with their names or numbers.

Also a few empty slots for legs can be used to bring in a new monster-a priest to punish those waifus for nudidity, over-sexualized poses and public indecency.