Update Gems?

Hey there, I just logged into the game and received 2 Gems, stating that they’re a gift from the update. Yet I didn’t see any news in-game involving an update. I’m just curious what the game meant when it mentioned update gems.


Devs: ???

Same with everyone!
I wonder??

Remember that one time when there was a glitch in the Power Up Event where you could get unlimited Omegamids by replaying the battle? Then some genius came on the forum, posted about it, and ruined it for everyone.

Z19 GaryOak

Sooo why are you saying that here?

It means update is on the way.

We changed how rewards work in the next update. In most of the news, you don’t have to claim the button to get gems, instead, the gems will be sent to your reward box directly.

For the update itself

Because Devs gave us free gems. I don’t want someone to ruin a good thing by pointing it out and causing it to be taken away.

I’m surprised you didn’t connect those dots tbh

Z19 GaryOak

No point in having 2 threads about this, merged.