Update 2.46 Discussion

Even before it didn’t always attack the one that was the longest on the field. Different conditions are weighted differently. I think the AI becoming more unpredictable is a good thing!

Which strategies has it affected in your opinion?

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Well, after playing BQ all day I can see it working a lot better on auto.

@Dev_VKC Ldief still sucks, it targets random monsters with random skill that only works like 1/3 or times.

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Skill issue.
I like the new AI, it can auto play way better now.

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I tested it on several lock style teams and the old AI always targeted the longest on the field monster as long as there is no matching weakness to weakness killer move inside the teams.

Of course the AI works better now in autofight. You are letting the AI playing versus itself, just your team is build by monsters the AI can handle very well, against randomized teams that the AI probably cannot handle well.

It’s not a skill issue, it’s just an ascertainment. My skill issues go on top of that.

Bro I’m sure you didn’t play other RPGs where every PvE match is near impossible, compared to that Neo is heaven, I don’t see any reason to complain about PvE AI being smarter (random target/whatever).
At the end of the day Auro DR and shell cresendo is all you need.

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I like your tactic. Revive, DR, clone is extremely strong in PvE.

I’m going to build a better autofight team once I figured out the strength and weaknesses of the new AI.

I’m going to see the AI change as an opportunity to improve my autofight team :muscle:


Having infinite tickets in the PVP is great, I feel that the game is much lighter and more refreshing, I love the design of the new banners and their chronology, do I think they improved the ELO? Overall a great update, thank you very much for the excellent work @Dev_VKC


@Dev_VKC I’m glad the devs have implemented the following things I requested so far!

・The Mosterdex number is written next to the monster to be updated.
・Banner frequency


Hello, I know I’m not familiar with the topic but I don’t understand why if I have a good connection I can’t do anything at all in Neo Mostera, can someone help me?

I liked this new update, new banner designs and some benefits for monsters. I also feel that my game is faster, the banners and windows load faster, excellent. I also forgot to tell you that I like these new FDs to indirectly improve Maeve, I hope she doesn’t suffer any more weakenings. By the way, I still ask for an upgrade for Brynhildr, maybe you could remove the restriction on Ragnarök with the Light element

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Ragnarok+aurodragon will be great

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Yeeeep :joy:

I like the new sound effects for the birds and christmas monsters

But wouldn’t that be broken. She can revive herself many times and with healing on entry she can be too good. But as of now she needs something little upgrade. Even kd uses her so may be he can tell.

This is exactly why we have that restriction in the first place.


This skill is why restrictions exist in the first place :crazy_face:

The main problem is it’s extremely easy for Brynhildr to copy herself with the revive move. After Ragnarok, the “last monster that died” is herself so revive will get you a second Brynhildr which heals the first on entry. Without any restriction you can turn a single Brynhildr into an army of them with one-shots, repeated healing and purify+forgive.

So she at least needs to be restricted from use with herself.

Personally, I think the restriction could be changed to only being blocked by herself. She’s too much of a solo monster it makes her harder to play in teams. For the team building restriction you expect a stronger monster than she is. With Aurodragon what will happen is you get two at the back so they will block each other’s Ragnarok… doesn’t seem like too much of a problem to me. I have done similar revival stuff with Atrahasis and having multiple Bryn at the back isn’t very strong.

Either that or the basic “hit all” move could be turned into something more useful.

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I do agree that the restriction could be “only bryn”.

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Maybe let’s remove useless AoE skills from every awakened myth. In most cases those are just high tu dead skills that are fillers.


Lower forms can have them but the awakened form should definitely have something more interesting.