Ultra evolved form worth it?

How’s everyone doing
I was wondering is the +5 in the cost worth it to ultra evolve a legendary monster?
For me I have nighthorse which has the same moves in the second and final form Except for the stunning entrance with 80 sec become shocking entrance with 160

Is it always worth it to evolve certain monsters and take the 5+ in cost?

Nighthorse worth the +5 for sure he is a beast …great for DC and stun lock enemis

Cost tends to become less and less of an issue as you progress.

Currently 89 in the hero rank and struggling a lot with the cost

He will fit well with the auto death sentence and emeraldus

As a player with that beast,I’ve envoled him as soon as I could.I have very better monster,but he has very good entrance.
Hope you find him as helpful as I did

Yes it really was to me.

Acheron :joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah you are right it is idiotic




Yea, definitely, I have all three shocking entrance monsters, and for my stun team, I actually use them all and can pull off up to 8-9 shocking entrances with proper support. those 80 seconds actually make a huge difference even if all it does is set up a support move. One of the most common things it does is allow you to use pull back with serazael, or use sendback with nighthorse and immediately give some time for the monster behind nighthorse to enter - which is good if it’s a slow monster. If you use just stun entrance, then nighthorse enters around 50 seconds meaning that you only give about 30 seconds for the next monster to enter with sendback vs 130 seconds if you use nightlord (shocking entrance).




OK,I think I been left behind in agreeing with you guys,so I agree right about now

OK,first I’m very happy to NOT seeing your team in PvP till now since I don’t have absorber in mine :slight_smile: ,second I feel sorry for those who face you without absorber, third what’s your plan B in case of facing a team with Leo?! :frowning:

Absorber = brutal timestrike all.
Just going to warn you.

yeah timestrike all can do a lot of damage with nighthorse but if there is a leogist   that would be a problem unless you knockback him first

nice,that’s a good idea,I didn’t saw that since I never used it(fortunately!! :slight_smile: ) and for Leo,what about the opponent has a knock back too?!

For Leo, I have searguard with chrono killer. It’s then just a battle of timing attacks right. I also use my blood cravers to good effect here. I make sure not to introduce stun too early just to throw off the current meta/ adapt to the meta. I agree it’s not ideal, but it’s the only monsters I have, so keep adapting right? 

Searguard says hi.

Place it two monsters before the shocking entrancers. That way you have a 1 monster safety net that you can use to kill the leogeist.

What legends do you have?

I tried this solution before,but it depends on Luke,since you only can arenge your team with estimation of opponent, when I tried,I used something like f2p zard idea but with 3 different(because of monster I had),and send them back with my knock back monster,I lost my Leo but I win the match with the others,that’s the reason I want the new idea.but I think yours and f2p zard would work too.

Flavern, Shadow, Serapheon, Nightlord, Celesterion, Cyberdragon, Warca (plus two dupes on it), Cryo, Atrahasis, Prismaryx and haven’t evolved chrono bc im too lazy lol plus I was waiting to see what the nerf would be, but actually now I realize I have 10 and not 8 legendaries. This would be life changing if it hadn’t been this way since October. I’m actually pretty sad I counted wrong this whole time… maybe it’s cuz I can’t use 4 of them really

For a while Prismaryx, Lavamane, Atrahasis worked together well while stun was out of the meta, but now they can’t really be placed together at all bc stun has made a recent comeback. I only really use Flavern, Shadow, Shocking entrance, Atrahasis. Warca is too hard to set up, and useless at top tier anyway. I use chrono unevolved bc it saves space but is stun immune/ timestrike all

Yea, it definitely worked splendidly two PvPs ago! Leo isn’t the hardest to deal with more in the middle just because by then my type of team is expected to have a blood craver or something set up if it’s a good game for me. Zib/ Midas/ Mech is still the most annoying thing for me, and I don’t have any counters haha

Here is hoping your assisted water gets a buff. Looks like that with one that would be a valid strategy for you.

Yep, I have both SE assisted Waters too, with some bonuses on them from eggs. I used to run assisted water in the mid part of my team, but now they don’t work in any event haha :slight_smile: Thanks, Zard!