Transfering monster or gifting monster

In my opinion if a player can transfer his monsters from one account to another account it would great. Or a friend can gift his monster to his friend it would be great also .Try to bring this option.

Lol it’ll never happen. Way too exploitable


Exploitable means


You can literally make many account neo easily because it doesn’t need google account or something like that which limits it a little.And if the game had this kind of thing the game will go bankrupt in not time


Let’s say I have 2 pokemon games; I could simply reset one of them, play through it all over again for all the one time stuff like legendaries, master ball, exp. share, etc., trade the stuff to the other game, and repeat ad nauseum. (I’ve done the exact thing before in fact) Neo gets its income from people spending money to get monsters. If people could just repeatedly create new accounts to farm free gems, regardless of how little can be accomplished per cycle, it would severely demotivate people from funding the game.


Like this post if you’ve ever exploited a pokemon game as described by @luc :joy:


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I had a brother to exploit the Pokemon games in this way

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I can confirm . His profile is hidden

Someone else can confirm too ?