Training dojo level 13


Someone please help I can’t beat it


I have the same problem. Tried everything I can think of and people always post the same video but they have changed the formation to bee bee bear so nothing works against them. I have tried to poison both and kill the one on the right but every time I end up dead with the wolf killing me before I can finish him off. And passing on any of them doesn’t help change it


I have described it already in another thread. Use the search functions please


I did, every one I looked at had the bee then bear then bee, mine has bee bee bear. Trust me I looked everywhere!


Do this the wizard has to be first
Skip all behind wizard
Use poison sting on wolf
Then use brash strike wolf
Then use poison eater on wolf
Wolf will kill a bee
You can then Posiom eat again etc


If wolf is first

Posion sting wizard
Poison sting wolf
Poison devour wizard
Poison eat wolf
Bash strike wolf
Bash strike
Posion devour

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