Training Awaken thunder dragon strategy

I everybody. As you can see I would like to complete training mission (Awaken thunder dragon) that we can in find in “events”.

I tried an incredible number of times but I always failed.
If someone succeeded, can you tell me how can I beat the mission? Thank you.

Which fight are you talking about? There are multiple

Can anyone give me tips how to beat training stage 13? I am stuck at it for days and cant just figure it out… thanks in advance!

Poison both wolf and purple robe and deal with purple robe first. Once he is gone focus on getting the wolf’s hp down to where he can’t use vigor impact anymore. From there look at the bears attacks and figure out a way for you to attack twice without letting the wild hit you with desperate strike. Don’t be afraid to skip your turns

@DMG_Dinocat: thanks so much! You saved my day!

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You bet!