Training dojo 13

Need help how to pass training dojo stage 13?

Do you have Aurodragon and some DR monsters?

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Poison both enemy monsters
Poison devour the girl
Poison eater the wolf
Quicken bear
Brash strike
Poison devour

I think thats the order

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Allready done that…still fail

Works for me

Poison girl
Posion devour and kill girl
Poison wolf
Wolf kills bee
Poison eater wolf with bee
Wolf kills the other bee
Brash strike wolf, defusing his vigor impact
Wolf attacks you
Quicken bear
Wolf attacks you again
Brash strike, you survive with 5% hp
Poison devour wolf, it dies, you win


Have a game where the girl is faster than the wolf. Sometimes wolf gets first turn and it wont work that time.
Skip with all 3 characters their first turn and let the girl attack one of your poison monsters. Most likely the one on the bottom. Then poison the wolf and use with bear the first attack with 100 cooldown on wolf and use poison eater with the other on the wolf as well(this is the one who got damaged. High CD doesn’t matter on him since it will die soon). Now the wolf is in a state where it cant do critical damage. Wolf will finish the damaged poison monster and with bear and the other one who used poison enemy, you can use with both poison eater to finish the wolf.
The girl will now attack two times the smaller poison monster. Bear will left. If you get a turn use accelerate and then always the 100 CD attack move until she dies. Done

CDeez Nutzzzzz @eNjiin

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HERE the tips boy,maybe a little too late for admin but hope this usefull for new comer

poison both of them
kill the women with bear
then use bee’s poison eater
use bear’s brash strike
brash strike again
and finally end with Poison devour.