Toxic Trio

So anyone rolling for the 3 toxic legendaries, Vulcaroth, Banedragon, and Tridrakhan…

I’m not, have Banedragon, the best of the 3, so I dont see a point, and 4% chance only…

Nop i already have bane and 4% is not enought even if i really want tridrakahn i wont roll…

I can’t wait!!! :frowning:
I’m not a person with patient. Just open 7 egg to get Geo.
got 4 dupe epic :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
I’m not a lucky person.
Hope others be more lucky
Have fun
F2P Arash

Well, think about it 4% chance means… every 25th should be a legend… so yeah… getting one would be very lucky… not getting one would rather be expected, considering you only opened 7 eggs

Tbh,when I’m opening an egg,I don’t want to think about mathematics. I only want to open an egg and getting leg :wink:
Last festival so many players opened eggs and didn’t get leg,the chance were higher even.but you are right too
Have fun
F2P Arash

I opend 10 in 1, got nothing opend two separate and the last one was geo… I was sooooo happy… it was a 50% chance considering I open 12 egg in total to get him

Congrats mate.Geo is a great FL monster.hope someday I get him too
F2P Arash

i tried 7 eggs all epic duplicate no legend or se :angry: