Tower Tournament vs. Online League

Now that we’ve had both, which one do you like better and why?

It seems to me that In tower you can collect more gems …

Tower as it would rather use my 96 tickets compared to only 40 orbs

I liked League.  It seemed more fun to me to fight in five-battle segments than one long sequence of fights.  Little sub-victories along the way were nice.

It didn’t occur to me until someone mentioned it a few days ago, but it also seems much fairer that everyone had the same 40 orb pool to draw from.

I think the best would be the online tournament system but with tickets instead of orbs. I like how the devs listened to us when we said that the floor rewards are too spread out and they definitely addressed that issue in the online tournament by placing a reward for every league complete (so every 5 games you receive a reward given that you advance to the next league after the 5 games).

The one thing I disliked about the tournament though was the orb system and how they gave us 40 orb max capacity. This was imo a cheap way to try to make people spend to be able to advance further into the league but to no avail since people really weren’t willing to spend that much for this event. The 40 orb limit basically meant that people need to spend a gem after completing each league if they wanted to continue playing immediately (8 gems per battle and 5 battles per league).

Another issue they haven’t addressed as of yet is the gem rewards and generally the rewards you get at higher floors/leagues. There really wasn’t any incentive for people to climb the floors/leagues (other than bragging rights I guess). Once again, if people want to reach the higher floors that definitely requires some gem spending. This means that the player will think in his/her mind if the gem being spent will be worth it or not. With the current rewards it certainly wasn’t for any of the past events, including the tournament and the tower. For example, increasing the gem reward for higher leagues can make it worthwhile since the player could spend maybe 1 gem and get 2 gems as a reward after completing a league. This makes it worthwhile and provides that incentive for the player.

To be completely honest though I’m pretty sure the devs already know about these issues and they just simply decided to take the greedy path instead of listening completely to the dedicated players (they did listen partially as I said above). So in a way I probably just wasted my time typing all this out. But I do like the game and it would really be a shame if everyone stops playing it just because a few people decided to be greedy. The only thing that’s really keeping me in the game atm is the hope for a good pvp system which I really hope I won’t be disappointed with.

Just want to say not every league had a reward.

True, after league 30 the rewards weren’t given every league anymore which still supports what I was saying. The rewards at higher floors/leagues need to be better and worthwhile.

I spent no gems and still finished in the top 700 for this one, so there wasn’t any point in spending money on gems unless you really wanted the +9 monster. I was really unhappy about the orb thing as well.

Aside from Lusolas nobody got past like 32, so in a weird kind of way it didn’t matter.
Basically they got it kinda right, but if they want people to climb higher they need to start dangling a bigger carrot

Tower is better as the league just takes too long to progress and at the easy levels it seems like a waste of time as you win every game but you could be at Floor 12 or something by the time it takes to get to league 3. I agree with Buck as there needs to be a better reward for floors as in like a gem every 5 floors