Tough decision

Who to ultra evolve, Geargant to Geartyrant, soulfox to Hellfox, Rexobone to Rexotyrant, Bovolk to Bolvocus

Hellfox without a doubt. Gear is only really useful in UC so I’d leave him, and Bovolcus gets poison revenge which is ok, but it’s not much for 5 extra cost. Fox will get bloodthirst and payback revenge, plus the SS rebirth which has incredible combo potential. Rexo needs timestrike bad, so do him after fox.

Fox is amazing. Pulled him this festival and put him in my pvp team instantly

Cool cool I had a really nice festival this time around, pulled Fox, Gear, and Bolvocus but I’ll definitely ultra evolve Fox first then!

Unlock his secret skill ASAP too