tips for the infinite dungeon

I have a few tips that have helped me along the way. Feel free to add any you may have.

  1. Keep a metalodious up front. Many times you will enter into a fight that wont lead you into a dead end and usin escape can help you avoid unecesary damage.
  2. Avoid fights if possible. No need to fight every monster on each floor if you dont need to.
  3. Left and right are your friend. Might just be me but you can usually see whats going to be to your left and right so youll know if its just going to be a dead end a new path or a fight.
  4. Save those bosses for later. Boss fights always come on the nines ( 9 19 29 and so on) as far as i know. So why not save the bosses till when you reach the next check point.
  5. Battling the bosses. I personally suggest tackling one at a time. They can take quite a bit of damage as well as deal alot. So getting rid of one at a time will help you in the long run. Also stun moves and debuffs can be extremely helpful as well as poisons.
    Thats all i have for now hope these help you.

Good tips. Let me add that metal slash is super effective against the bosses, since they’re metal.

Honestly didnt know that. My monsters with metal slash usually get one shotted before i was able to test that.

marspine, shadowlance are great for metal slash if it helps :slight_smile: