Time exceed bug

This thing happens to me alot since the big update.

At the picture: my jaguar had a turn, and when he had about 5 sec till the end - it gave him time exceed pentaly and moved him back 200 tu. Now:

  1. Im sure he had about 5 sec left, and time didnt really run out.
  2. Picture explained, because it was a lil bit after that (as yoy see he has a 92 tu till he next turn): after that, a monater on my field died from enemy attack and valza entered. At the picture, an enemy bronzeshell has a turn and he reckless attack.
  3. Strange thing: after the pentaly, jaguar kept on shining like it was his turn, not staying in thr dark. Also valza who entered shined, unlike my other 2 monsters in field which didnt have a turn since. The shining went back to normal after my next turn.

@Dev_BRD can you please look into it? It really happens alot

I’m pretty sure it’s because the 30s is being counted correctly on the server but our app is out of sync slightly and not displaying the correct number. I agree it’s very irritating because we often want to use some time to plan out our next few attacks and need to know exactly how long we have.

A guy force skipped 5 turns for me and wasn’t kicked. I had to wait like 5 minutes for him to eventually disconnect. It’s just rude