Thoughts on Volcawolf?

Hey there - I recently received Volcawolf from a gold egg and have been using it in PVP recently…though I haven’t exactly been impressed thus far. What are your thoughts on using Volca in PVP? Thanks!

I dont have one but i would love to get one is what i have to say

I wouldn’t ever use it, but some good PvPers out there make use of it. It’s pretty strong since it has vengeance. I think Omegawyrm is much better and should take its spot, though.

Pretty much ignore Ash’s “I would never use it” she has almost every single ark in the game, she picks the cream of the crop. However the rest of what she said is pretty on the spot :3

Alpha Rage, Vengeance, Call Air ( I think), Retreat.

Definitely a good monster. Vengeance is a powerful move. I agree that Omegawyrm is better, but having both can’t hurt :wink:

Also, its Retreat gives it an advantage. If you get hit by scramble, you can just send him back.

I use him sometimes hes pretty strong

I use it’s vengeance to take down heavy hitters and its been working wonders for me, so yeah I like it a lot.

But strangely I have seen quite a few people putting him at the beginning? Because of its fast speed and Alpha Rage?

I’ve seen people with Volcawolf at the beginning… To each his own I guess, I wouldn’t do it though lol