this match soo hard any help idea ?

this match in first im lost fast 4 monsters :frowning:
any idea ?
im not use money have 3legendary
starting game before 5days

Just beat it but the gigarock took a lot of my monsters out. All i can say is take that legendary out asap and the rest of the monsters arent that strong

Here is some idea: Put _ Poison _ users in a group (should be Naga , Krakan -water element-same ability as Naga, Hellatour, Skullholf ), . Put these poison users after Infernorwyrm + Anubiscat (time strike + poison revenge). Put both Time Striker user after a Stun user (stun entrance, stun revenge, stun bom) Kick your Spritegrin  out due to his dream hunt is only good if he can combine with a Sleep user. And remove your Stun Absorber because your Penguin already Stun Immunity 

P/s You got 2 monster I want to much. 

@Nate: Gigarock has same ability as his Penguin. -.- So basicly he could pass this anyway.

oh final done with this my team :smiley:
thanks all

what 2monsters u want Gary Gray ? :smiley:

Nice! Congrats

thanks nate :slight_smile: gigarock big proplem

@Darknezz, Nighthorse and Penguini. :smiley: