This is just disgusting...

I am an old zigza game supporter since they released the dragon island blue, and the hunter island and now the neo monster. These games were all great all the time, until the developer introduced 7 star female anime character into the game. That was accepted by me, as long as it keeped the game flow, it worked for me.
But today’s monster nerf is just absolute NOT ACCEPTABLE. I guess the developer simply doesnt know how much time and effort would take to earn 12 six star tickets to redeem a single legendary monster from the market, and nerfing one it is frustrating already, you guys nerfed three of them, three best f2p legendary monsters in the market.
I hate to say it, but it is really a shame to you guys. Probably my personal voice is not strong enough, but someday some times, when the game shuts down due to the reason of player outflow, i wouldnt be surprised, cause u guys are not listening to players’ voices, and keep going to the wrong way.
I am out of the game. it disappointed me.


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