This festival or Halloween?

I’ve got 50 gems but I don’t know whether to hold off and save them for Halloween or use them now? Does anyone know what the monsters are like coming out on halloween? I’ve already bought one pack on this festival so don’t have a legend guaranteed

Halloween, .
Maggatoush & pumpking both featured
(With pumpking SE as well)

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Thanks man! Any idea on the move sets?

Maggatoush has stun & poison immune,
Venom chrono killer

& Pumpking, sorry I can’t spoil :blush:


Bloodcrave? I don’t recall it having that in it’s move set. Are you referring to Double Poison Chomp?

You’ll know when Halloween is upon here😂

Maggatsuoh moveset

Think it’s been changed since then.

SKill MAggatoush . what does there change ???


Siphon to bloodcrave I think.

so this monster can get a guaranteed bloodcrave charged in 30 secs? seems fair lol

It’s slow i think. And geo/atra can probably do it better

35 speed

I have the almost same question should I buy monsters now in the festival or wait for the game anniversary/halloween btw i’ve been playing for only 2 months so idk what will happen on anniversary

On anniversary there will be good monsters for sure. Also there will be some login bonuses too and usually a pretty tasty gift from the devs. I’d wait until Anniversary which is before Halloween

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Nice you just necroed a year old thread.