Theories about Mythic Colosseum

So I think we know that once you have a musharoo it will turn into a mythic but I also have questions

  1. Will the Mythic be random?
    It could be that once you play the event you instantly get a free mythic

  2. Will the musharoo have some secret or additional skill?
    The musharoo may have a secret Skill added or a new skill which sacrifices itself to turn into a Mythic.It also involves some kind of strategy because you have to make sure that your musharoo lives

  3. Regarding the event itself what kind of things does it have?
    I like the concept, but I think in the end it would be just endless battles with that shiny mon reward at a specific level

  4. Maybe a stretch but can only one Mythic can be turned?
    It would be interesting if a new currency was added for that event like some kind of summon where you need 1 musharoo and a specific number of that currency to get a random or your picked mythic. I don’t know but maybe it might encourage some new players to try that event

Well those are theories after all I want to know your ideas about this event

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I think the mythic won’t be random because it says we have to build our team around that mythic so how can we build a team around a mythic if he’s random?

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There’s no point in speculation. No one is going to spoil it before the event starts so just wait and see…


I totally agree. Theres absolutely no point in speculating. Lets just wait a few days and see. Sorry, but I am locking this.