Mythic Coliseum Discussion

This thread is to discuss Mythic Coliseum and possible changes to this event. Not sure about anyone else, but honestly this is pretty much the most boring event currently in the game in my opinion. It is very heavy ticket consumption, very time consuming, and does not have much to mix things up within it. So how do we spice it up?

There are a variety of ways I think we could make this event less of a begrudging grind.

1st would be similar to how Dungeon Challenge works, with having certain checkpoints at Point Totals that unlock the ability to do a battle of varying difficulty and upon completing said battle, gain a larger amount of points than a regular battle, say 500 or 1,000, but there be a total of 3 of these battles in the event, perhaps 1 for each of the 3 featured Partner Mythics.

2nd could be similar to Showdown Tower, another grinding ticket consuming event that “spiced” itself up with Win Streak Rewards. I see no issue with incorporating the same type of Win Streak Rewards into Mythic Coliseum to break up the monotony.

Anyone think either of these would be good incorporarions, have other ideas to make the event more enjoyable, or think it’s fine the way it is? Post here and let’s all discuss, curious to your thoughts.

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Plz double the points of Mythic Colosseum and the Legendary potion
Might as well change the matchmaking 10vs16 is sometimes unwinnable
I don’t even play after getting the SE
Right now I’m at 1k point


The only thing I’d vote to change is getting rid of the teams with 16-monsters; that’s too much of a disadvantage imo.


i meet my team , so hard to defeat my team

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10vs16 lmfao

Yea no joke I’d rather grind hordes twice over than this crap


I agree that it needs to change. Especially when you need to play ingredient events at the same time, the burden is just too much.

I would suggest:

  1. Drastically reducing tickets consumption to 10 tickets/battle, maybe even 5.

  2. The 16 monster battles need to go… What makes them even more annoying is that they are meta PvP teams. Perhaps the more difficult ones could have 12 monsters?

  3. Make it so that you get the SE reward after winning 20 battles with all three teams, regardless of the points acquired.

  4. Maybe a little something to spice things up. Win streak reward sounds good to me!


Yep this is my less favourite limited time event it’s extremely stressing to be on top of your tickets because it demands so much grinding and tje rewards are very far away from.the grinding needed to get em it’s the worst limited time event atm

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So I figured out the minimum number of fights you must win to get all the rewards is 111 (10000/90). That’s a minimum of 2220 tickets, which are far better spent elsewhere. There also a good likelyhood of losing battles because some of them are significantly harder than others so both numbers are realistically higher. I simply don’t have the time or patience for that, and I personally like playing hordes!


That math you did was already exposed when this event was first released back in march this it’s the 3rd time it rotates and still no change honestly i think this extremely high grinding need of this event it’s to justify it being the only event aviable for 5 days and that’s a way to reduce the player’s free gems income… Something that I’ve pointed out a thousand times (we have to remember that from the 2nd when UC ended to the 4th when MC started of this month there were no online events aviable too!!!)

Just double the points you get from wins, and stop giving more for the later stages. What if I prefer the 1st or 2nd mythic in the event?

Also instead of 16 monster teams I think it would be more fun to fight teams made by other players with one of the other 2 mythics. This might actually make things more fun if the mythics are made to interact with one another with killer moves or so.

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100-120 battles for an event isn’t too bad in my opinion; especially when it’s only 12 per day. However, I think managing Mythic Colosseum on top of ingredients missions is a bit annoying, it’s slightly too tight. This time we have ST starting before the end of Mythic Colosseum which is clearly terrible timing. For the first time in years I may need to refill my tickets with a gem in order to finish all the PvE content.

Perhaps the way to scale back the number of battles / ticket consumption is to add the mechanic:

  • Win streak gives you bonus points (e.g. +5% per win, capped at +50%).

As for the difficult battles… I like that there are some more challenging fights mixed in but I can imagine most people lose to them. If they add win streak bonus I don’t think they should remove the tricky fights.

As for the battles being interesting… 10 monster teams and the mythic having buffed stats does make it more worthwhile to build around the mythic and it’s definitely fun for a bit to play with a mythic you don’t own. How about they add a final section after you do 20 battles with the third mythic:

  • Final challenge: You pick which of the three mythics you want to use then are put against tougher 10-16 monster teams (maybe removed the easier teams from the opponent pool or slightly higher buff to the enemies?). The mythic you pick is buffed even more (e.g. 1.67x rather than 1.5x). It gives the best points/ticket.

Then you can choose which of the three you want to play with while still getting the best ticket efficiency and it gives a further challenge to progress into and play rather than being stuck grinding the third team for ~2/3 of the rewards.


There should be more XP gain aswell, comparable to game of hordes maybe.

Excessively boring in did. They should reduce the number of battles from 100 to 70,and increase the amount of good rewards!. That said, I’ve never passed 6k on this event, doesn’t worth the effort

Love this, but capped at +80%. 50% would still be annoying

They should probably give a few more gems, one more legend pot, and two more super epic pots. 500-1000 xp per 20 ticket battle would encourage people to finish the event as well.

Finally I found this answer why sometimes I am meet meta PVP in this event (mythic Colosseum),it’s very disapointing 10 vs 16 (master).Fatal revenge, ultimate payback revenge, spirit
possesion without payback killer in your team can wipe out your team easily

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Thank you all for the suggestions.
We will take them into account and make improvements to the event next time.


Thanks Dev!

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