🀬 😈 The BM report thread

Yes and he disconnected in between of that , not at the end

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It usually doesn’t show you that the other person has disconnected until they get a turn again. When you see that, the person probably disconnected while your stun was happening.


And you EMI on your own are you blind or something? I was saying tha if cantera disconnect before its not bm thats it

Oh yeah I know that why I never report

This guy called Nagao BMd me


Wasted time when they saw there was no way to win

I disconnected as soon I was stunned.


Then no bm bro :+1:t2:

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Hey, what if you purposely dc during a match, you have a 15 minute timer before being allowed to play again, not only that you lose a set amount of rp depending on how many times you do it. And if it happens during ranked you lose all your attempts for the entire day and it will only start replenishing the next day.

Harsh, but oh boy will it dissuade dc dum dums. It is something that happens in some other online games as well already, Example: Dead by Daylight makes you lose an entire rank, so less rewards and a 15 minute ban from playing the game at all.

Just pray the game notices the difference between a deliberate dc and a connection issue.

Lol OR give us the option to run at any time instead of taking away an entire day of ranked because you had to wait 30 seconds

This is where the big problem lies. We can’t have a big punishment for disconnects because it’s not possible to distinguish them accurately

It is slightly more lenient since it is possible for the game to notice due to a sudden loss of connection, and most people who suddenly dc due to that try and reconnect anyway.

@Dev_VKC i would like to report this guy (ledbetter ) he doesnt just do the classic disconnect , but every time he looses he disconnects (1-2) times and reconnect then he lets the time run out wasting a lot of time