Thank you Devs!

First I’d like to point out, when the devs really screw things up, I’m more than willing to give my opinion. Conversely, when I see them do something great, I’m going to give them props. I LOVE the upped chances on the legend festival. Many people are rolling for new legends every time they roll, and this is a great response to the community. Really guys, I’m so happy to see these kinds of changes, and I hope they continue into the future!

Disclaimer: This is not sarcasm, I am being genuine. This is meant to be a positive thread. I hope others keep it positive as well. Have a good weekend everyone!

This is sarcasm right? o.o??? Can’t tell… ain’t rolling as the probability is the same as always cept on the sixth… unless you have none of them.

Definitely joking.

I’m actually being serious. I like this way a lot better, I’ll take a 6x chance on one roll over having to spend 300 gems any day.

I dont think you understand.

  1. The x6 chance have been here for ages. It actually was x10 before.

  2. It means, that if you have ALREADY LAND on a legendery (same old 4% or 6% at festivals), you got x6 chance to hatch a featured legendary over a normal legendary. And tbh, im not sure if it sounds good or not, but for my expirience it doesnt make a very big different. Even on those festivals, everytime i hatched a legendary, i recieved a normal legendary. So the x6 chance maybe sounds good, but it actually pretty bad.

I don’t think you understand.

I’ve played the game for two years, I know that. I’d atill rather have the booster chance once I land a legendary, especially during a festival when odds are doubled, than blow through 300 gems. This is my opinion, feel free to disagree. Personally, I like the risk/reward better here than having the chance so incredibly low that I’m forced to do all six packs. Feel free to disagree.
Lol. “I don’t think you understand.” Child please

Ok, I missed the part that there was a 6x chance of getting the featured legends. The way I saw it, it was just another festival with increased odds of legends, but decreased chance of features. In that way, it’s actually decent. However, I don’t understand why one legend is featured and guaranteed in 6th and then the other feature in 12th, which is great, and then we have this one, where all 3 are possible in 6th. Seems weird to not the new legend guaranteed in 6th and the other two in 12th.

Also, eat a snickers.

Ah, so now that we all understand we’re on the same page. Terrific! I agree about the last part, but they love to do that stuff for money. They’ll probably never get it perfect, but this is a step in the right direction to me.

You need to take a chill pill buddy :wink:

You realize that phrasing it as sarcasm makes it harder to get your point across?

Y’all are way too cynical haha everything I’ve said today has been genuine. Literally nothing I said was sarcasm. My point was exactly what I said, Zard. I apologize for the confusion gents
Disclaimer: everything I said in the original post, I meant genuinely. This was meant to be a thank you to the devs and a positive thread in general. I would hope other would be positive with their posts as well! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

So again good if you want any of the limiteds, bad if you participated in any in the past on a 6th as you have no gurantee of a new. Good for newer individuals while potentially horrid for others if you want the new one only.