Tengoku nerf?

Its save to said tenguko is strongest stun monster in Neo.



well she is only 1 of a handful of attack focused mythics that can stun so she should be strong.

Hanieri is still better in my opinion. (for PvP)
especially since stun changes.

and dont forget we still have monsters like Huskiegon and XYZ.

The three mentioned are all excellent mythics, A tier or higher. Tengoku is the only S tier I think. I haven’t decided all the new positions yet but I think XYZ is A, the other two S- and Tengoku S.


yeah I was underrating it lol it’s probably S tier

What do you thing about hawknight?

who in thier right mind thinks about hawkknight?

As Eklypz says, I haven’t thought about Hawknight’s new position properly yet. Swift stun pulse is really nice and the protection flexibility is something I think has a lot of value. It’s one of those mythics that isn’t top tier and people will undervalue it due to that but when it shows up in a battle it’ll perform well.

It’s definitely better than generic mythic sweepers and it’s better than most protectors (except Arachnadiva). I’d like to say it’s A tier but there are too many very strong mythics that it will be a B tier.

Iff its not asking too much what do you think about the Giraffe mythic? Does she worth awakening?
I have been testing her recently and im impressed how good she performs, super super rare at PVP tho

if u mean kirina then definitely worth it. she has always been strong. generally she is A tier if i recall correctly

Awakened her just recently and she is one of the best sweepers you can get.

Thanks guys :wink: i will focus on her and nikki then i have both at +3

As others have said, Kirina is crazy good if she gets to do her thing. She’s a win condition and one of the strongest monsters for PvE. In PvP she’s a little tricky to set up, that’s the only problem. You want to try and get her away from the 1HP life flipping, but without investing too much into it. Surrounding her with other threats or controlling the enemy team a bit to give her the freedom to chain attacks together is probably the way to go.

I put her up in S+ tier to begin with then dropped her all the way down to B after hearing a lot from people how she’s too clunky and not built for PvP. I think ultimately she’s one I’ll keep in the mid-tier because she is tricky to make work without a good collection / specific team building, but she’s a clear win condition for the right teams or given any opportunity to attack a few times.



If you can control the field she is almost unstoppable.