Team building help

Can anyone share the invite link to join the neomonsters discord server…

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Thanks… Your message saved me a lot of time.

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No worries man happy to help

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Based on my current monsters, what is a good pvp team (pretend they are evolved) so i can get an idea of what to train

Please dont make a uselss comment like “make your own strategems”. Thank you

I don’t think you can make a good team yet, but you can definitely win matches with those monsters. I’m also not going to make you a team because your optimal team will change as you gain new monsters. But for now focus on evolving Prixis (good for the frontline), Kirina, Geocosma, Gaiawolf, The holy and storm abyssoldiers, Phantomaiden, Emeraldeus, Prismegasus. Obviously put your evolved mythic in there as well.

Remember to have stun protection every 4 or so slots or a good amount of stun immune monsters.

Horrorclaw is good for PvE.

I don’t think you have enough dark monsters to use Azrazel, maybe you can put him in endgame with the dark element epic stun cloner that looks like a UFO (I don’t remember its name)

Thank you, any monsters i can get to revolve around an aggressive playstyle?

Also any alternatives to getting emerald mouth with no event on?

You can get one from the super powerup event right now!

Those I mentioned are pretty aggressive or enable an aggressive playstyle

Hello I’ve recently started playing neo monsters and just got my second mythic but i have no idea what a good team build with my monsters would be could someone here help me out.

Don’t sweat it, you don’t have many monsters yet. You can’t really make a “good setup” yet, just play the game and learn along the way. Ankoudragon is a good one to evolve. Elemphox is great as well! The yellow abyssoldier has payback killer which is an excellent move as it will 1 shot and cancel many powerful monsters with revenge passives.

The Biweekly mission allows you to play with other people’s teams so I recommend playing that and analysing what type of monster is in each slot in the team. Pay attention to monster speed, movesets, stun immunity and combos.

Whats phantomadans

Can you name the monsters by the first evo? I dont know names well

Go to the Neo Monsters wiki and find out. I don’t know them either.

First screenshot is my team and the other my legendaries and super epics. I’m currently stuck on the dual battle with torus in the Khanate tournament. Any suggestions for improving my team?

Hi guys cn you help me what hero i put on my 6-12 slot here are my mons


I need help to make pvp ranking team
Cuz i am really bad at this
Can anyone help ?

Leave your team ideas with lineup please !:pray: