Team building help

Azra FL cannibalize the frog after enrage nova
Gf at 5th
And you are ready

id put dolphin 5th after toad cannibalize. dolphin can poison massacre. then tort for bond and stun protect, then GF violet, GF sunflower, Sakuralisk, Angelion, Yuki dragon, Lunactia (can potentially convert yuki), pupupa, padrinorca, Azida, low cost mon.

if u want to try something different. lol.

Hi All,

I have been playing this game now for about a month, however, I am struggling with coming up with a good team. Any help will be appreciated.

Below are some screenshots of the monsters I have gathered so far:

Please do give me some tips as to how to build a strong team with these monsters.

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Go and get yourself a Galvbane Son.

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I just did, what would be the best team composition with Galvbane included?

Only Gary has knowledge about that specific teambuilding.

Hello! I know a bit about teambuilding.

Evolve Bauble and Hellfox and run a retribution FL.

Get Rune in 5th. A rebirth from Hellfox will combo well with it. It will pair well with Oni if you can evolve that Too.

Looking at your monsters, a link fire endgame is your best bet.


Ah I see, I will have to focus on those then.

What would be the best composition with the monsters I have as is? I am stuck with the offline/online stories. I do appreciate the help.

I need a stone chain, someone canCan someone share him?

A what

A petrochemical combination

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A monster with Petrify Revenge?

Yes, I need him.A petrochemical team is also needed.

Please help me get the best out of my monsters.
Need a good team for PvP

Please help!

Please Xhibit pimp my ride!!!
(Yes i mean help me build a team)
Heres a list view of my more notable monsters

LOL. last post was 2 years ago!


Step 1 - join the Neomonsters discord

Step 2 - post screenshots of your monsters from Mythics down to Super Epics (epics if you are a new player with a small collection) in either “PvP Teambuilding” or “PvE Strategies” channels.

Step 3 - Ping either “PvP Advisor” or “PvE Advisor” depending on what you are looking for.

the Discord is more active in terms of helping people build teams than the forum. chances are if none of the advisors are present then one of the regular members will help anyway.

Can i get a link for discord?