Team building help

Thnx, I’ll also get my 3rd 6-star ticket tomorrow, so which legendary will be best to complement my poison formation. I wanted to buy Valzareign, but would like to take ur opinion…

I also got valzareign as I was weak to stun and really wanted a converter at the beginning and while I don’t regret it too much, I would wait until you have 6 tickets as it saves more tickets. Valzareign also doesn’t work after freezecobra as it get poisoned on entrance (it needs to be before). Furthermore a lot of time you want to set up poison eater/massacre and valza works against that as its drain removes poison. It does appreciate the psedo piercing poison provides and is a solid monster but its better to wait overall. It’s poison drain isn’t strong so don’t expect poison eater damage. I also would not buy the shop poison monsters as even though terrordragon is usable but its nothing special and same thing with tiamazus. It’s overall just better to wait, and naturally grow a larger collection. You never know what direction luck will take you and you won’t always necessarily be running poison.

TLDR: wait for 6 tickets, get dusicyon or atrahasis.


I agree with @fran_fortu ,
You should get either Duscyion/Arthasis.(I favor Artha because of its immense use in PVE, but if you are aiming for PVP Duscyion isn’t bad).
You could even go for Valzereign if you are aiming for PVP.

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If you get another “thlug” Might i suggest go for this guy:image
This is assuming of course that you are gonna evolve your Legendary mons first.
Same with this Guy: image He is good support for PVE and PVP.
Freezecobra final evo of this thing: image is very good for poison team. Should work very well with Deathgazer in my opnion.

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I just started playing for almost 2 week and I’m stuck at story chapter x idk which mons to put on the team or which to ultra evolve anymore can someone help?

evolve ankoudragon and medbie

tezcalipoca (tepeyollotl) for SE

What about the cockiedrake is he good or should I just leave it alone for now

some high player not evolve cockiedrake to second form.bcoz she is super tanky in 1st form.but not have any mechanisme attack .in second form she have union attack have big up to you if you evolve her or not

Oh ok thanks for the advice

Hello everyone
I am a new player (F2P & just played for a week) at rank 39 and I am struck at the episode 3 of Khanate invasion (Battle on the bridge) could you please help with strategies to win it also could you suggest good teams for pvp with my currents mons

What is the enemy team? What is your current team? What part are you having trouble with? Do you think that your team is the problem, or do you need help with using your monsters once they are in the team? What strategies have you tried already? How far into the battle have you gotten? It may be that improving your strategy or waiting for favorable rng will get you the win without any team changes needed. How well does your team perform? Are you having issues with one particular part of your team being too weak, with your team being weak overall, or with not having enough synergy? How good are you at using all of your monsters? Being skilled at using all monsters, not just the ones that you use most often, will allow you to better understand how to improve your team and counter enemies, so that would be my first step. How well are you doing with other PvE or PvP events? Is there something about this battle that is particularly difficult, or are you having trouble with other battles as well?

As for my advice, I’d say that you should try some challenges to improve. Do something like SE only pvp to improve your understanding of your monsters, go to the training dojo to improve your improvised strategizing, and try something like beating pve with only captured monsters if you need help beating opponents with higher base stats than you. Improving your strategy, rather than asking others for advice, is often the key to making progress.

The last time that I asked for help, I had been stuck on the same battle for several months, constantly rethinking my strategy and grinding for gems, with no success. While you may want to ask for help sooner(I really didn’t want to make a help thread, so I delayed as long as possible), that should be around the threshold for asking for PvE help. Only when you are truly stumped, and not even getting new and better monsters will help, should you ask for help. Given how far you have gotten in a week, you are either very lucky or very skilled. Try to progress on your own, or read old forum articles for advice(even the HI forum has useable information). Asking for specific advice, especially this early on in your playthrough, will not help you in the long term.

Also, as a general tip, don’t post on the forum unless you have a Galvbane. Some people tend to get angry about that.