Team advice and bugs

This is really annoying just moved down to rookie league because of a bug that happened 4 times in a row (the one where you win but it counts it as a loss). When will this change??
Anyway my team is:

  1. Chopperbug
  2. Coldheart
  3. Bloodclaw
  4. Stormfox
  5. Voltiger
  6. Nilox
  7. Angeleon
  8. Pyroviper
  9. Plasmorex
  10. Thunderback
  11. Shadowlance
  12. Raptorex
  13. Gaiawyrm
  14. Anubis
  15. Don penguini

In that order

Any advice on my team would be appreciated as well.

I rarely ever lose through the loss bug, although I have won because of that bug even though I lost to the other person. Anyway hope that it might be patched sometime mid to late january. As for your team from top to bottom:

First I really hope your talking about coldheart and not its preevo. Second I would move bloodclaw down to the middle of the lineup. First shadowstalker is a fairly common ark to lead with (least at higher leagues anyway) and could easily oneshot bloodclaw. Also since coldheart and bloodclaw both have last fury (increases damage done by ally arks if user dies) if bloodclaw and coldheart were to die at the same time, the effects of last fury dont stack so its better to try to distribute that effect. I would consider having maybe raioh or another heavy hitter like arkwing as one of your leading arks.

Second, I see where your going with the stormfoxflash bomb and voltiger timestrike combo though the only thing is that stormfx is a fairly easy monster to kill and probably isnt going to live long enough for it to flashbomb. You chopperbug with stun skin to help it flash bomb though sometimes your opponent could just ignore chopperbug and go after coldheart and bloodclaw instead. Thats why I would suggest trying to move bloodclaw down and have either raioh as a leading ark or have a guardian user like barricadus before stormfox to help protect it. As for voltiger, I prefer gremknight over it as it has timestrike but it also has more utility with haste to speed itself up, stun skin to help set up for strategies later on in your team, and knockback which helps against arks like kentucky, raioh, and other stun skinners that would be easier to deal with last or other threatening arks. But voltiger could work fine, and you have angelon to haste it.

Nilox isnt all that good. Maybe if you had arks that do tons of aoe damage to take advantage of decay then maybe it would be good. I would either try to get a nilomoth and replace nilox with that or move nilox next to some aoe hitters and use decay if you have nothing else.

Consider splitting plasmorex, pyroviper, and angelon as they’re all dragons and destructors tend to have a field day slaying dragons bunched up like that. I would also try to get at least a pyrowyrm to replace pyroviper as the 8.5 star dragons arent really that good in my opinion.

I hope your talking about thunderback instead of sparkong because sparkong is terrible in pvp and even if you were talking about thunderback, I would still say that thunderback is terrible. I would replace it with another ark.

Lastly I would probably try to get another self sacrificer before or after anubis so that it can support penguini and then sacrifice itself along with anubis so penguini can showdown. No ones just going to let penguini be the last ark standing unless they know they can kill it before it can showdown. Raioh raijin, and halopard are all good ones to use.

So yeah, thats it. To me, I think that you should try to get some better arks before you pvp. I would at least replace pyroviper, raptorrex, and thunderback. Some good ones to use:

Luxknight, Arkwing, the 9 star wyrms, magma typhon and omegawyrm, are strong heavy hitters.
Halopard, raioh, raijin, Gremknight, and Kentucky fried chicken are good supporting arks.
Barricadus and in lower leagues, stegotops are good tanky guardian users.

Thx have changed the names now so that they are right. Thx for the advice!!!

Bugs in pvp drive me crazy. Lost because it froze and wouldnt let me attack
Lost when i win. Ah half my losses are because of this. The update is so slow