Survivor strength over time?

Does the move survivor (or double survivor) continually gain strength over time or is it just reaching a certain amount of time in battle it turns critical at the same rate no matter how long they survive after that?

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Same rate no matter how long they survive.

Beat you to it @DMG_Anxag :joy:

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It should gain strength @Dev_VKC


same with survivor bane. (pls make Mythic Jerbo with this move)

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Is this also true for slayerbane?

Agree with Gary (this time)

Single-target Slayerbane deals the same damage whether the target has 1 or more kills.
Multi-target Slayerbane deals more damage the more targets with 1+ kills it hits (but doesn’t consider the number of kills nonetheless).

This is also not right Imo, because blood moves get buffed so slayerbane should be inverted proportional to it.

Yea I agree, I’d be fine for Slayerbane to get a small increase in seconds (e.g. 70→80 for single and 100→130 for Dual) if its damage scaled with kills on the target(s).

This way, Superepics and generally monsters on the lower end of the attack distribution (Bovolcus, Capybaragon) would be able to actually deal significant damage in the right conditions

Agreed to nerf slayerbane, especialy that dual slayerbane damage were too vicious.
Nerf double catapult to 170 or 200 tu too