Super youth fruit event

Man this lvl 35 hero rank Is bullshit man cause us low levels who would need them can’t get them cause its lvl 35 hero rank…

They need to remove it for special events

It does suck a bit yes. The omegamid event coming up for android is rank 45. Those are essential ingredients for legends. Most people haven’t leveled that fast yet, unless they paid a decent amount. I haven’t paid anything and I’m rank 23 I believe

Ya exactly I’m rank 22 and I can’t even participate. It pisses me off

wait, there’s a fruit event coming? I don’t see it anywhere.

It’s on android and already here but the devs made it way to high lvl which is bs for the rest of us.

They did the same thing for iOS when it first came out
Then they followed it by omegimid and a super battle which will be hard then a tower event I think I’m not 100% sure on memory but you should have the same

Ya it’s not smart they need to re evaluate those event so everyone can participate

Hey it’s quite unfair but they will return

Hopefully they will read this post and re evaluate

I’m at hero rank 33, I’ve been rocketing through since I first joined with the leveling refill bonus… started playing 7 or 8 days ago I think? 2 more to go!

If you’ve been in for a few days, just keep at it, leveling is fast if you have a smart strategy. Or if you go the no-brainer stun bomb style =)

Well I’m still sorta stuck at chapter 4’s online missions… AI has gotten smart and those boosted stats… :frowning:

What do you do to level up?

generally story missions clear as quickly as possible to end of chapter 3, if I got stuck on a fight I’ll go backwards to the nearest dungeon to get some exp and potential fruit/harp/lamp/coin cards, about the time I got to the rank that got exactly 25 and 30 tickets I would use all tickets on the harp/lamp/pyramid ultra evolve area or Trial of (insert element here) and get a batch of exp to get the last bit of a level, then level again the same way.

ie. if you have about 100 exp left to level --> +4000 exp refills tickets and you’re about 1/2 to 3/4 through next level --> +4000 exp --> Spend tickets however you want. (story advancing recommended so you can control exp points to repeat from step 1)

I tend to do the same thing when going for pyramids/harps to ultra evolve with.

If I remember correctly harps/lamps dungeon was super easy and gives 3000 exp could do the above thing with 25 tickets

pyramids was also really easy and gives 4000 exp.

If you’re not on chapter 4 yet those options have a very good ticket:exp ratio.

I’m almost at chapter 4 just finishing the champion league.

There’s an online mission for fruits. You go on the ultra evolution ingredients part. There’s 3 small fights then the main one which will give 3 de aging fruits. The 3 fights before have a chance to give normal or super deaging. I just did the mission 4 times and got 3 supers. It’s extremely easy

Ya I know how I was just seeing if he has a better trick then me.

But they need a lvl 2 for de aging fruit run lvl 1 is to easy

Scion what’s your friend code?

84165590 reminds me I should change my share monster…

Why share the monsters what does that do?
Im fucking lvl 33 now not 35 lol before that event is over lol

Your shared monster is the monster that your friends get to use if they pick you for the online chapters. Ideally, you want to pick a good monster that people like to use and every time your monster gets used, you get friend points. 400 friend points = a free fruit

Oh ok I shared my rexo