Sup guys!

I’ve been on the forums for a long time and I never made a ‘hello’ yet so why not?

I’m DrFalsir and a pretty young person. I like drawing and making random pictures on gimp/mspaint + running around getting chased by my dogs.
Well nice to meet you all!

Welcome to th- oh yeah.

Well, it’s still good to have you here, regardless if you created a thread or not. I swear, one day I’ll make a hello thread like three years after I joined or something. ^^;

Drawing? Can you post a pic you did sometime? x>

I love running to, by the way. It’s just I like racing my chickens.


I can’t win racing my dogs because they’re cheating a lot. They block me and I get scared to squish them! :[ P.S. Sure I could draw you something.

IKR. Sometimes I trip over air because my mind thinks it’s a baby chicken. :’(

Can you draw… this?


or this, whichever is easier to you


Yeah, it’s what the birds are in my signatures. I decided to collect pictures of them once upon a time. Thank you so much for your offer. ;v;

Er, but if you already drew something and would like to post it, that’ll be just as awesome. Just so you know. ^^

Welcome and I hope to see u around !

Hey man!  Welcome to the forum…even though you’ve been here for a bit. :slight_smile:

…oh, I should probably make an introduction thread for myself.

…nah, too lazy.

Anyways, I’ve seen you around before. Great to have you here…errr…what to say…ummm…hi?