Suggestions to the Forum Site

Hey, I have never really been apart of a forum, this is the first one I really have been active in.  However I do have some suggestions on the site’s design.  The first one that is bugging me a lot is the “official Facebook” button.  Whenever I’m trying to go to the home forum page, I accidentally click that then I am redirected to the Facebook site.  I’m not saying get rid of it I’m just asking can you move it to were I’m not accidentally clicking it maybe next to the “View New Content”?

Other than that the forum runs and feels great, if you guys have any recommendations please post below!

Also if possible make browsing on mobile less lightweight. Like, let us follow, unfollow, quote, etc.

I would love to see some improvements to the mobile version. I get tired of having to go to classic and spam pinch my screen.
To the devs: If you guys need a web developer I’d be happy to throw my spare time at you.

besides the load time, and follow, unfollow issues, what is wrong with the mobile version? We did not code this, we are using a service called IP. Board. I am sure we can edit it, but our current priority is to get the game finished. If anyone is familiar with this, we could use some tips, we’ve never used it. 

No no you misunderstand. We know you didn’t make the site and there’s nothing wrong with it! We are just nitpicky people with too much time on our hands and an undying urge to hate on anything that gives us a chance. All us haters are saying is there is always a little room for improvement.
Well except with waffles, those are without a doubt perfection!

I cannot find any mobile version of the site?? When i go on this forum with my Ipod Touch 4th Generation I see the full forum. 

Bottom left corner. Click use mobile version.

Oh god.

I hate the mobile version

I’m sticking with the full

When did you become a mod? God what recruitment did I miss?

They are moderators from the DIB forum. 

I really dis like the Mobile version of the app, when I was in the chat, I kept on getting kicked…

Odd last time I saw him post he did not have that title.

I even get kicked after 30 in the full version on my mobile :frowning:

I have no idea why, I couldn’t even re enter the chat.

Me as well, deadpool and I were moderators along with Spikey at DIB forums, we will probably recruit more as the forum expands :slight_smile:

The recruitment you missed was about a year ago or less i think.

I wouldn’t mind being a mod if you need more… I do spend way too much time on this forum.

Oh this isn’t a suggestion about the forum but have you guys thought about having a home website for hunter island or your “company”?

i would enjoy a main hub for your games as well!

Kind of bring everything together :smiley:

If they ask i would totally build it for them!!!