Hello ,

I just tought that we really need to make the forum more atractive for others, I always see 70+ ppl online but none are actually saying something in forum.

Its always the same people, so how do we get these players to join us ?

I’ve put forth some ideas for user-hosted contests. That would help distribute some wealth and increase activity.

Has yet to be implemented though. We’ll see what happens…

Here ya go, if you want… http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/878-interesting-idea/

See:P ur an example of a player that I always see :stuck_out_tongue: U respond at every thread more than once , I just want new ppl but ill read ur suggestion tomorrow


sounds good

I’m pretty sure people make these accounts to access the “Where is this monster?” forum. Thats one f the reasons why I made this account :slight_smile:

hmm I see ur point jean but for a strange reason on my ipad i can’t access the forums everytime i log in 

example: want to log in to view ‘where’s that monster’ logged in goes to a topic auto logged out of the forums so now i can only post a reply a post on my computer and read through topics people post :frowning:

I had that too in the beginning but now everything works fine