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As a veteran HI player, probably the biggest thing that Neo is lacking seems to be exploration. The 5-6 good monsters in the wild are all fairly easy to find with a quick search, and otherwise there is no real reason not to just go in a straight line from trainer to trainer, and absolutely no reason to go back after you beat Beritus. The side quest, which were previously the heart of exploration, are now just a series of menus followed by a battle. But they don’t have to be. Introducing… Bounties!

My idea for bounties is that there would be a way to get these bounty slips which would tell you the rough location of a trainer or monster to fight them. This could encourage exploration, caving, capturing monsters, and really any other action that you can do on the maps. This would also allow for worldbuilding in the form of dialogue and backstory.

There could even be related bounties (i.e. You drive off a group of bandits, then they ally with a different group that you also have to fight, then they raid a city and you have to push them back, etc.) which would give an additional reward for completing the full chain. If you want to push the online aspects of the game, there could be mutual bounties, where all of the players had to work together to defeat some criminal organization. I also think that there should be some bounties to capture monsters or find some treasure hidden in a cave, or just generally completing tasks that generally have no reward.

The biggest obstacle for bounties is how to implement them. Should there be a new online tab? Should they be available in towns like DIB and HI? Should they be a part of side quests? This is a place where there is no solid answer, but I think that there should be a tab when you tap ‘Explore’ that will have these. I think that they should be made available after a certain number of in-game days, like maybe a set of three every week. That would obviously be exploitable, but the difficulty curve will hopefully stop people from rushing and completing 20 bounties in an hour.

A few ideas that didn’t fit anywhere else: Could there be more monsters on their team instead of super buffed ones? That way, it would be less exploitable with Purpie. Also, please don’t just make them cost tickets. That would kind of ruin the exploration concept.


This could be well implemented on a large open world map!

One thing I’ve always wanted Neo to have is one humongous ■■■ island with a lot of different sub-environments, different leveled areas, quests (like the Bounties you proposed) and plenty of secrets (chests, equipments, superbosses). This is borderline unfathomable and I accept that, but that will always be my PvE dream :heart_eyes:


So you mean HI? Honestly, that was what I expected when I found out that they were making a sequel. A vast map with sectrets galore and near unlimited things to do.


Yup that’s the reference (;

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I think an event that would probably be easy to implement would be a similar one to Evertale story mode where we get quests to find and catch unique monsters from the wild. There could be maybe a new one each 3 weeks. These monsters could be for example shiny versions of the existing ones. We go and catch the monster, show it to the quest giver and get a reward (4 gems and some ingredient/silver), then we get to keep the monster.

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I like where this is going. The bounty system answers questions about adding catchable monsters and more rewards and stuff.
For your difficulty: Why not make it a limit to entering the island or place where the bounties are at.

This seems grand, like a true rpg game tbh

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cool,i I think neo monsters have played hundred times boring activities except pvp and UC, which can’t satisfy my curiosity. On the contrary, playing games is like working。I think there are few monster games besides pokemon that are as interesting as you say


I’m not really a poemon fan, but definitely try Evo Creo
There was also this other game: Mino Monsters 2, OMG, 1 of the best monster capture rpg, sadly, hacking brought it down. People never paid and, and !!!

oh,my god,I played this game a long time ago, it has cool special effects, and I got a water system guardian before, A cool sea dragon,but unfortunately this game date disappeared after I changed my mobile phone

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YES it did!

Bro it was soooo goood!

You can still find it online from those random app download sites, but because the game itself is down, you cant hatch(open chest) for monsters. It’s so sad dude. I rate that game even higher than neo!!!

I had that fire guradian btw

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But can the data entering the store still be downloaded

Yes, the special effects and vertical drawing of the game are fascinating

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Well, even if you download it, I don’t think you can get past that part where you have to forage a candy to capture that earth creature thing to open the tunnel, because the whole server is down. It’s kind of like a game with just the tutorial.

Yes the drawings were really spectacular “period”

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I’ve been following their company last year, and a lot of people want it back, I mean thousands.

I think they make other games right now though.

Neo should really look up to them for advice, especially for not investing in anti hacking systems.

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That’s great. I’ll buy it if it’s fun

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pokemon and Locke Kingdom, the childhood monster capture game of Chinese players, the latter is a web flash game, but it is really a good game at the beginning, but it is only limited to the beginning. Now this games is exactly the same as neomonsters。 you know!(girl monstersScreenshot_20201220_231409|690x326 I suspect that it is a global collusion.

I will definitely check it out. It gives off that old monster capture rpg vibe that I love.

Could you link to that game? A quick Google search yields nothing

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A kingdom built on popular consensus!

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