Strongest Team Comp?

So been working in my own team based on what I’ve been rolling but am getting curious now.

What are the strongest team comps for PVE & PVP? Goal is to eventually aim for both.

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There is no strongest team composition. To be good at the game you have to adapt to the meta. Right now it is raizen frontlines into motordragon + shocking entrance in the top 30. In order to get there though you have to build a strong enough team to get there.

I got to top 10 a while back with 4 legends. Be resourceful and you will go far.

You have to work on your team until it is perfected. When you reach that maximum power you will have to change it to adapt to the meta again. The best people adapt the fastest. Money helps, but isn’t strictly necessary.

It took me an entire pvp to adapt my poison team to chromera. Got 51st place that time :confused:

Then I fixed it and went back up to 28th.

You can basically split the meta into front line (first 4/5 monsters), midgame (next 8-9 monsters), and endgame (last 2 or 3 monsters).

Best front lines right now are either Raizen front lines, cannibalise lines (using either ziberius or firemane), Soulstealer lines and Deodragon lines.

Midgame is basically stun right now, so it’s basically variations on roaring entrance monsters, autopoisoners, and stunners. The best ones use either midasdragon or motordragon to make the stun more effective. 

Endgame is basically just penguinator and counters to penguinator. You do get some variation but most of the time whoever gets the slayerbane all off wins.

Also all of this is a guide. I’ve had rank 1 in pvp using off meta teams, heaven I’ve done top 50 using a full throw team. Experimenting is how you find something good.



Being unpredictable can certainly help. I came up with a devious gimmick a while back where I have dreadfish on the frontline, and Icefang at the back. If there’s a stun absorber on the enemy front, then I can simply switch into Fang and tear their tanks apart. Wish I could see the looks on their faces  :stuck_out_tongue:

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That line was mean.

Wow rank 1! Nice! Didn’t realize how good SS (im learning :slight_smile: ) was. He was the first legend I rolled too. Even though I theoretically have some “good” mons figuring out how they all work together is now the difficult part since I’ve rushed so far ahead. I mean heck I’ve only been playing for 3 weeks and I’m HR 75 with a pretty nice mons list. But when I just look at some of them and their skills figuring out how they fit together is def not easy for newbies. Glad this community is so helpful though.