Still don't have boxjaw in monsterdex

Hi, I was just checking the monsterdex and boxjaw is still not been added as a token monster.
Is he catchable? Can someone confirm this?

As far as I know it’s not catchable. Maybe someone else knows more than me.

Have you summoned him during a battle?

Yes, against and is being summoned by a enemy in my team many times

Wait for the next update and hope for this Christmas they give us as a reward Santabeast only for a small part of players (like you) to complete the MonsterDex.

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Must be nice to have that kind of complaints :joy:

Above all, you need the two-star turtle if you want to complete the monsterdex.

If you mean Archeloth, it is catchable.

It was in a limited time (three years ago).
If you got it recently, please let me know where you find it.

where Twighoul


Chapter 2 water dungeon in the online missions

Thank you!

I got him recently. I know that he wasn’t catchable some years ago. I used the Wiki to find him:

I saw the wiki minutes ago, but failed to meet it. Maybe I tried it on a wrong island since there are so many islands located on the north of Fendi.
BTW, the icon of Archelo on wikia is still the screenshot I uploaded three years ago.:joy:

Don’t make me box your jaw @DonT89

This topic is about Boxjaw, how we ended up speaking about Archelo? :sweat_smile: