spelling & grammatical errors

has anyone found any spelling or grammatical errors in the game yet?

i did a search & didn’t find any posts related to this yet.

this is the first one i’ve found, hopefully my copy-editing can come in handy for somebody:

“We saw a suspicious man, whom the king called Weidman, working the device that we think was behind the recent storms. Did you find any trace of him?”

it should actually be this:

“We saw a suspicious man, who the king called Weidman, working the device that we think was behind the recent storms. Did you find any trace of him?”

for this reason:

“who” is a subjective pronoun and “whom” is an objective pronoun- and should follow prepositions, like most of whom or about whom or under/before/beginning with whom. because in this particular sentence “whom” does not follow a preposition, it should be “who” instead.

a correct way to use “whom” in this sentence would be:

“We saw a suspicious man, to whom the king referred to as Weidman, working the device that we think was behind the recent storms. Did you find any trace of him?” (i believe that’s correct, to be honest, in this case it would simply be easier to use the word “who” and proceed from there)

a quick note:

it’s very possible this error was intentional. perhaps that’s just the character’s particular way of talking- after all, nobody’s grammar is perfect! :slight_smile:

Whew, we beta testers still managed to miss some. There were a whole lot, and we tried to catch them all. But there’s a LOT of text! Good post. 

We had a topic about this in the beta forum, and while I actually did find some grammatical/spelling errors in my play, I didn’t want to bombard them with requests. After all, the story line actually has amazingly good literacy - really good. So a more pressing problem would probably be the OM or PvP, not the storyline.

As for your correction, it was probably not the character’s way of speaking. I’m sure someone who (uh…) talks with “whom” in their daily speech cares about their grammar.

Typing and oral speeches don’t count by the way. <_<

I vaguely remember the word “river” being misspelled somewhere. Maybe you can catch it?

There was also a place where there was a lot of unnecessary commas. Where? I have no idea, and they might have already fixed it.

There’s also some side quest early in the game which was like, “This is a pretty tough task, good luck!”

Now, I’m not expert at English grammar, but is that comma correctly used? I mean, if I was writing a story, I’d separate them into sentences, but I make a million repeated mistakes so I wouldn’t be surprised if I was doing it wrong the entire time. <_<

A semicolon would be most appropriate, Kookaset, in “This is a pretty tough task, good luck!”. It’s slightly dependent on style, but a semicolon would be the closest approximation of how people actually speak. A dash could also be used.  

GAME ON lol off i go

In the tavern in Fanam one of the guys talks about a Searex that’s been “hunting the waters of Lake Danar” It should be hunting in the waters of Lake Danar

Also in the tavern in Arborun

“The Neizim Wastelands wasn’t always a wasteland” It should be The Neizim Wastelands weren’t always that way as Wastelands is plural

Also two of the people there say exactly the same thing, just broken up differently

good finds!

I found a spelling error in one of the quests. I can’t remember which one exactly, or the exact wording, but I know that it was a quest available in Darandal, and the spelling error was leaving out an “a”, so it either said “Drandal” or “Darndal” (I again can’t remember which). Nothing game breaking :slight_smile: