Does the buff emply on earth enemies only or as well as your team?

Been waiting for abyss to come out and hope ticket costs would be lesser this time

I’m pretty sure it’s a special field that boosts all earth monsters. Would be weird if none of your earth monsters get a boost… unless they’re not earth monsters!?

Does anyone remember how much xp you get per victory in SOTF? Is it 100 like UC?




had to do it

Call me when light monsters are buffed,half of my team is light

And only 1 earth which is emerald us

Good changes and tweaks from the devs

I guess it’s a good opportunity for anyone who wants to try the new fairies.

I’m real disappointed that I didn’t get blossom; they would be perfect for this event. COINCIDENCE!? And the Apophisking too! I wonder where the toxic trio falls under this…

Let’s wait to see how many we have to win before saying good changes. If we have to win 2x as many wins for rewards. You’re going to eat those words.

I’m excited for the super epic. Would definitely replace the Sang with it.

I will eat the devs

I’m interested to see what the auto play feature is. The issue isn’t playing. It’s 15 tickets per game (regardless of whether it’s auto played or not).

who cares about the tickets lol, the issue is how big and boring grind was, auto play sounds nice

who cares about the tickets lol, the issue is how big the grind was, auto play sounds nice

Loves the idea of element buff for the event. Will force us to try new strategies.
To bad i dont even got an fully upgraded SE earth type :sweat_smile:

Same for me no SE,only one leg,emeraldus

Usually im not happy with devs work and how they work but this time they really do a nice job with pvp friendly and
Featuring abyss on soft
Now work on bugs please and buffs
Again GREAT WORK DEVS keep it going

FYI this SOTF is five days shorter than the one in January. Assuming 15 tickets per game, there is time for 115 games through regular ticket replenishment. With starting with a full ticket load and leveling up, you could to get to 120-130. Either way, if the top level remains 150, gems will be required this time.

We’ll definitely be working on some balance tweaks, we mainly wanted to get Duel PVP out there as quickly as we could since it was super requested. We also felt it would make things more active and we could get better feedback on monster power levels.

That’s awesome, but if you want the test team feature to play a part in that too, then you need to improve the ai, because it still makes stupid decisions on a regular basis. It doesn’t exactly simulate the full pvp experience. If you can’t make a full blown upgrade, then maybe at least make the occasional tweak, for example make them stop spamming aoes every chance they get, or help them learn how to pull off night night, or how to use TT properly.