Somewhat active devs.

Hi again. I just want to if it’s too much to ask for to get somewhat active devs? Like VKC and BRD to Neo. I understand the game just got released and you all are pretty busy, but Communication is much needed between players and dev’s! So we can somewhat know what to expect and just complain about issues etc.

Thanks in advance!

Think they are working on hiring a community manager.

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mybe devs too busy rght now, just can wait

I agree, it’s weird that they were really active during beta and since release I haven’t seen a single post by a dev (except they made the bugs threads etc.)

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This is my formal request that you consider GaryOak for Evertale Community Manager.

As someone who has been around since the early days of Neo, I have a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics that have found their way to its spiritual successor, Evertale.

What I will bring to the table is a realistic outlook and a consistent method of moderating the forum by the written rules that have been publicly posted, rather than interpreting them situationally for my own benefit, as I believe this is an abuse of power.

Further, I will never shame paying players as it is their prerogative to decide what they spend their expendable income on. I believe by spending money you are letting the Dev team know that you support their hard work and wish to help them continue making the game great.

My name is GaryOak and I approve this message.

@Dev @Dev1 @Dev3


You literally just showed the whole forum that you have no respect for fellow forum members or other moderators. Now you make this request.

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We all know you hate gary, no need to lick his ■■■ each time he makes a comment

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I don’t hate him.

I just have to draw a line at some point.

He’s shown several times that he has no respect for my wishes, even as far as when I tell him he has gone too far.

I’d rather not have him on the mod team as a result.

I support this. I think a player liaison would be an excellent sidehustle for you and be mutually beneficial to the community that has time and again shown overwhelming support for your views and leadership.

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@Zardecil you get triggered anytime someone disagrees with you and immediately threaten to use your mod powers against them (if you search “@zardecil” on the forum it’s almost too easy to find examples, for those who are curious).

Most recently our nice little chat on that last topic, I could reply to the essay you wrote, but I am taking the high road because I know you won’t listen to facts or data or logic when it is presented against your viewpoint.

This is the exact opposite way I would regulate the forum.

My name is GaryOak and I endorse this message.

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Objectively false. You can look through my last several hundred posts and you will find none of that.

Anyone that wants to see can go look for themself.

I have not been triggered in any post I have written regarding moderation. I evaluate every post objectively. I then make a decision based off of it.

You have never even tried to show facts, data, or logic to back up any argument that you have presented. The source you used above for “@zardecil” is one that provides the exact opposite image of the one you say it does.

I have never applied moderation to anyone-no matter their opinion-unless their actions are infringing on someone else’s rights.

If you have a problem with my use of my ability to moderate, take it up with the devs and provide facts and logic.

Either way, in order for you to become a moderator you have to show me that you’re a person I would want to work with. Support from forum is totally irrelevant to actually becoming a moderator. It’s mine, @Killerdog’s , and @ILAGaLOT opinions that actually matter in the end.

A “community manager” is different from a “forum moderator”. A community manager is someone who works for the company rather than being a volunteer from the playerbase to moderate things.

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Oh yeah true thanks for pointing that out.

A forum post isn’t going to get you a community manager position.

You’re going to have to go through the application process for the company.

Anyway you’re probably right, only reason I commented was because he knows the neo monster’s developer’s opinion on the matter already, and now he seems to be trying to do the same thing he did before with the neo devs. I don’t know how aware they are about him, so I posted.

That’s all.

Are you saying that you posted with the purpose of discrediting a community member?
Are you a mod in this forum?
This must be a joke!

@Dev @Admin would you please take care? I don’t think that you want that your player base is treated that way.
FYI: @Zardecil is the player who spent once on Neo and afterwards claimed the purchase at Apple to receive his money back. Now he’s trying to sabotage Evertale! Please stop him!

I leave for a few days and @Zardecil tries to burn the whole dang house down :woman_facepalming:t2:

What is going on in here?

You guys need to lighten up. This is a gaming forum. Games are entertainment. Jokes are entertainment. @NMEGaryOak is good at jokes. I’m not seeing what the problem is here. Don’t take yourselves so dang seriously, people who have problems with jokes.


Actually objectively false. Devs still have my money.

He posted a public post on how he wants to be a moderator(or so I interpreted, I might have mixed up community manager vs moderator.). I gave my opinion. You are free to give yours.

If it’s a community manager position then @NMEGaryOak I wish you luck on the application process.

Careful. Youre liable to be disappeared talking like that. :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

Case in point

That post was removed because it was swearing at a moderator and doing nothing other than arguing.

This thread has derailed into nothing other than arguing so I am now closing it. The statement regarding the original post in this thread is that apparently ZigZaGame is actively recruiting someone to be the community manager for Evertale.