obstacle for Mhytic Ones

For more than 5 months I have been collecting gems for the Mythical Excaliburdragon. In that way, I will be close to making my desired team: A team COMPOSED only of HOLY monsters.
However, I meet an Obstacle and that obstacle is The Myth Brynhildr. Her Secret Skill (RAGNAROK) requires that there must be no monsters of the same Element. That forces me to make serious changes. Therefore, I forgot the idea of ​​including that Mythic (Brynhildr) in that team.

After so long, another obstacle appears. The Other Mythical that I want so much (EXCALIBURDRAGON) has 2 Skills that demand the same. It demand that there must be no Monsters of the same Element for its operation (SOLO Healing Light and Aegis Ritual)

Why should it be like this? It is very difficult to Awaken the mythical ones and also now they demand not to be together their same HOLY Element
Few are the Mythics of Light, And now there is that obstacle in the middle
Could please fix that? At least I wish Excaliburdragon leaves that impediment of SOLO. Would Better that it be LINK, Or nothing …

I’m sure that is a big issue for you that will awake em’ soon…

I think it’s a way to help balance so you can’t just create a really strong link team.

You are wrong. Remebmer…Angelion i a Holy Monster, but is RAW. Angelion can’t be near protectors
The same happens with Nulltron

It’s so you can’t use her with Auro my boy


IT is enough with Monster Holy RAW.
Can’t be near with Aegisdrago

Imagine if Auro was your 15th monster and Brynhildr was your 16th

That’s why it’s a solo move


@Dev_VKC. @Dev_BRD. What do you think about this? Heavemwrynn can’t have Assited Nova due to his few seconds

Neither Excaliburdragon?

About Brynhildr I understand. But, About Excaliburdragon?

My Holy monster

Treasure Island

Need luck to awake it

Brynhildr is exactly like GaryOak said.

During our test, Excaliburdragon was super powerful when it spams its Crescendo Dance with Healing monsters or Aegisdragon around. That’s why we made its Healing skill and its secret skill in this way to have players to choose one of them.

Nevertheless, the meta has changed since then, Brynhildr is definitely not gonna change, but we can revisit Excaliburdragon.


I really appreciate you taking a look at Excaliburdragon and checking him

Excaliburdragon SS: Kill a teammate and Summon a Aegisdragon
Aegisdragon is a Holy Monster

Azuraidos is a Water Monster. He summon a Protector water. But Azuraidos is LINK Monster

100 TU LINK RAW Healing Light

Also what’s that profile picture? :eyes:

It vaguely resembles an ammonite, so I’m very intrigued.

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Just say him nice pfp :v

Make it ELEM healing light

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And His SS? Aegis Ritual .
Link Aegis Ritual