So I need some ideas.

I am going to make a new mod for minecraft, though I am not sure for what yet, thats where you guys come in. I need some ideas.
I do have some stipulations though:
1: I really don’t want to take over a dead mod, unless its really cool.
2: I am not going to mod any base files, this is going to be a forge mod. So nothing crazy like redoing the lighting system.
3: Finally I don’t want to make a mod similar to another.

You guys are welcome to help me make this mod too, I would actually love that, because my current modding team kinda blows.
If any of you are interested in helping you can pm me.

Are there narwhals included in the game? Cause you could totally make one which adds a narwhal underwater city of some sort, why? Cause narwhals are freakin awesome!

Though you could always make a ridable chocobo mod, that’s awesome too.

Umm, narwhals? and somebody already made a chocobo mod

Make a mod where you can build vehicules !

There are a number of mods that implements vehicles like flans mods and the archemedies ships mod. Sorry.

Rainbow mod. Something similar to Pokemon but with dragons? Would love that

I have been thinking about working on a dragon universe/dimension mod, but I am not quite sure what I want to do with it…
Rainbow mod? Like add rainbows?

Yep, rainbows.

Dragon universe would amazing

Alright adding dragon mod added to list of stuff I may do, rainbows too!
Keep the ideas coming because I tend to work fast!

Mario kart mod…

I could, but have you seen the car mods and how bad they are, imagine racing those with red shells involved. But hey I could give it a shot!

Prototype (the game) mod.  That would be awesome :open_mouth:  

I’m not sure how to go about that, umm weapons that look like body parts and running directly up the sides of stuff.

Just…mess with the game engine :smiley:

But I really want to avoid modifying base files, because its assanine and a generally bad idea.


Why all the pessimism?

Got my hopes up. :stuck_out_tongue:  What if you did a sea monsters mod?

So many ideas!!! Tell you what I will take a good crack at Mario cart.
Sea monsters sounds cool.

Even thoguh I love dragons to the bone… I just gotta say Mario Kart might be the best idea so far.