snowfiend and sweetroll

I didn’get the ingredients to evolve snowfiend and sweetroll(didn’t log in for snowfiend ,and didn’t play the mission for sweetroll). And they are weak and useless if they aren’t ultraevolved. So the questions is : in the future can I get the ingredients to evolve them or should I just delete them

I assure you, Sweettroll is far from useless in his second form. Life flip friend has decent utility, but it’s not exactly an essential part of his concept. He still absorbs stuns and can nullify them with overwatch and keep himself alive in the process. As for Snowfiend, well, he’s pretty useless either way.

I remember that one of the devs (mike i think) said they will bring it back in the future. Search topics about valentine, somewhere there


Thnx guys

Snowfield isn’t worth the training points he is junk, sweet troll is also fairly OK unevolved