Slight improvements that will please everyone

There are many people who constantly complain about the awards so poor that the pvp generates, this has not changed in a long time and I do not think that change is just today. In total 36 gems are obtained, although in my opinion they could be 40, one suggestion would be to eliminate 2 of the 3 aging fruits that they give in RP Rewards and replace them with 4 gems, since we do not need so many fruits because in the friend’s chest we receive several daily, I also consider that the pvp event should be a section of the game where you get rewards that are generally not easy to obtain and the fruits are. It would also make a small adjustment to the winning rewards, eliminate the golden mouth they give when you win 4 fights and replace it with a glass mouth that is more necessary. The difference is not much compared to what we currently have but it is a change that developers can make without affecting their economic income.

I don’t think this change would really make anyone feel any differently about the rewards given out from PvP. There are ranking rewards which you failed to mention and RP rewards past the initial 40k (at 60k, 100k, 140k, etc. we get a gem).

I think the complaints about PvP not giving enough rewards were specifically about the top ranking rewards. People feel that 1st and 2nd should give more than they do.

1st should have 40 gems
2nd 30 gems.

It’s incredible how bad 1st is.

It doesn’t effect me, but it’s bad.

Oh and top 20 should be distinguished with rewards. This might effect me.

Oh yes,I love that idea

Yes, I agree that there are few gems in the ranking and the most affected are the first places, I think that is one of the reasons why there are no such people in pvp.
Many get all the rewards in the first the time and then they make few fights in the ranking since there is not much difference of gems from the 100th place backwards. If the prizes increase I think that many would be motivated to devote more time to the fights between players. What I said in the previous comment was a small change that would not be bad, although I think they could improve the rewards. Another concern of many is that it is unfair that after 40k every 20k is that you get rewards when the ideal is that it be every 5k or 10k.

The ideal would be:
Rank 1 - 40 gems, 20 rare, 5 legendary potions

Rank 2 - 30 gems, 15 rare, 4 legendary potions

Rank 3 - 25 gems, 15 rare, 3 legendary potions

Rank 4 ~ 10 - 20 gems, 10 rare, 2 legendary potions

Rank 11 ~ 50 - 15 gems, 8 rare, 1 legendary potion

Rank 51 ~ 100 - 10 gems, 8 rare, 5 super epic potions

Rank 101 ~ 200 - 8 gems, 5 rare, 4 super epic potions

Rank 201 ~ 300 - 8 gems, 3 rare, 3 super epic potions

Rank 301 ~ 400 - 8 gems, 3 rare, 2 super epic potions

Rank 401 ~ 500 - 5 gems, 2 rare, 1 super epic potion

Rank 501 ~ 1000 - 5 gems, 1 rare, 10 epic potions

Rank 1001 ~ 2000 - 4 gems, 5 fruits, 8 epic potions

Rank 2001 ~ 3000 - 4 gems, 3 fruits, 5 epic potions

Rank 3001 ~ 5000 - 3 gems, 2 fruits, 3 epic potions

Rank 5001 ~ 10000 - 3 gems, 1 fruit, 1 epic potion

Rank 10001 ~ 99999 - 2 gems

I think the official should add some daily tasks like evertale, because if there are no new events, I have nothing to play for a week .

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Yeap, I think the same

So basically you’re saying to increase all the rewards for ranking by 1.5x.

To be honest with you… PvP is already the most rewarding part of the game for being just one event and the time commitment. I think it is more than generous and this asking is ridiculous. I also think increasing the rewards in ranked PvP will do anything good for the health of the game. Enriching the PvE content and making it more appealing to the PvP-loving playerbase would be a better exercise. We don’t want so much of the monthly rewards coming from PvP because there are plenty of people who love the game but hate PvP. There are already enough games out there glorifying PvP and making the whole game revolve around it.

I’ve spoken with many of the people in this community who have pushed in PvP or who love PvP and while some would like the rewards for top ranked positions increased an overwhelming majority say how PvP gets boring when you do lots of it and the grind for a top position is stressful and horrible. Hence, why it’s important that we have interesting and engaging PvE content for people to enjoy too. A balance of rewards between PvE and PvP is a big part of that.

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I agree with @Killerdog the PvE rewards should be increased, like for example in Showdown instead of 2 fruits for the 2F and 3F probably 1 gem or i don’t know something more worthy :laughing:

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PvP has loads of rewards already. Perhaps 1st and 2nd place could be buffed but other than that it’s fine.

I don’t have too many complaints about Pvp rewards. Dev has made very positive changes already. one thing should be reduced by 90/100 win for the final reward. my job is very busy

Guys rank 1 rewards are total crap.

I’m also for better Pve rewards, I don’t like Pvp in many games I’m playing, same with this, the battles take too long and I was never aiming for Leaderboards, it takes so much time that I want to spend in other ways. So I would be very happy seeing Pve rewards getting improved.

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