Sleep on poisoned monsters


It’s not possible by any logic that a stun converter skip his turn against a sleep entrance while it is poisoned. There should be not even for 1s a chance to overwrite poisoned monsters with sleep . @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD you have fixed the shield and camouflage issue while poisoning but you didn’t finish the logic for all status



It really pisses me off and needs to be fixed ASAP



If you guys don’t like the idea of poisoned monsters being put to sleep, you will HATE Evertale



In evertale status are overwritten and there is only one status possible. But that’s not the topic here Gary. This is about reporting a bug in neo monsters and not a discussion to compare two games



Actually @eNjiin as you can see from the screenshot above, the topic is actually titled “Sleep on poisoned monsters.” Can you double check for me who titled this topic that?

Technically I am on topic as I am discussing the differences between how “Sleep on poisoned monsters” work in Neo compared to its spiritual successor Evertale.

Stop being a snitch all the time or you’ll end up like Tekashi 6ix9ine



@eNjiin made the topic, in this case he’s the one that’s allowed to decide what he wants to discuss.

Currently he made a topic to talk about a neo monsters bug not evertale. While it’s not in the initial topic name, he clearly does not want to be talking about evertale.

Use your better judgement instead of sitting there trying to find loopholes.

You can also stop talking down to people.

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2 Things:

  1. Please note that your post above sets precedent that whoever starts a topic has the authority to decide whether or not those who post on their topic are “on topic.”

  2. “You can also stop talking down to people” might be the most hypocritical thing you’ve ever said. Like this post if you agree!



Not your place to call someone out.

Topic is not about comparing neo to evertale. Topic is about a neo mechanic that eNjiin thinks need fixing. Your post is off topic.

Irrelevant to current discussion.

Your whole post implies that what the original poster wants to talk about doesn’t matter. You would rather talk about evertale. No respect for original poster. He does not want to talk about evertale.

You are right that I probably phrased it wrong. Main problem here is a complete lack of respect to another forum member, that made a topic to discuss a neo monsters bug. They did not want to talk about evertale. They wanted to talk about neo. You come along and force the discussion away from what the original poster intended.

I will quickly define respect such that there is no misunderstanding, as you have tried to use loopholes in the past: “due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.”.

@eNjiin is free to decide when their topic has gone far enough off topic that they want it locked. It has been this way for since the forum was made.

Remember that ultimately Devs have decided that my opinion is the one that matters when in regards to running the forum, and making judgement calls when it comes to content posted.

Show some respect to the moderators when they make a request. A lack thereof can warrant a suspension.



Stop picking fights with people in the community and looking for support in the form of likes. If you continue to talk to other users in this way, especially moderators, then I will issue you a temporary suspension.

Let’s make all posts in this thread on topic from now on.



This is just like a typical YouTube comment :sweat_smile: