Single roll

Guys, i just can tell u. Do Single rolls !!! Got magmar angelion jaguardian and dracorosa all from Single :smiley:
Thank be later :man_shrugging: (I dont spend as i am f2p)

Not everyone can be that lucky :face_with_thermometer:

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What egg did you do exactly?

Either way all I’ve ever got from singles was bane (dupe) and celestron. And I recon I’ve done more than you

I rolled like 3 eggs at y draig Goch Festival got that mythic and dracorosa, a few days later i rolled like 8 Single rolls and got jaguardian, then i was pretty Happy… Got 4 gems and thought, why Not roll, got magmar (that all Star Festival) and Today i was at University and was bored, finished the sbc to get 4 gems and thought to roll, got angelion :joy:

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Did 14 singles today morning. Got 1 legendary non limited dupe. Gave up on singles :joy::joy::joy:

Hey , but u got magma outta single. :wink:

True story. The good old times :slight_smile:

Just got gyo from 10 gems (pvp rewards) its ridiculous :flushed:

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2 rare gems = shiva dupe n SE dupe
3 singles = 3 epics
1 pack :point_down:


2 rare.

400 sec bomb legendary grass and se dup.

9 singles ( all se and epic dups)

U r right now the most hated player , I bet :rage:

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I hope Not :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Gratz digga

Aaaaand i got cani :joy::joy:

You’ve had some insane pulls recently. Congrats bro

Just hatched back to back prismpaw and polaboss from Single :thinking::thinking: luckily recorded a Video for the case that something comes out of the Single rolls :joy:
Videos re in line Group… That forum says that my Videos dont have the right Dataformat for uploading

You have to upload it to YouTube or somewhere else to link it here. I guess it’s because of storage options that you are not able to save on forums site. Congrats on single hatch on 4%.

I have realized that actually prismpaw can be used in dungeon challenge with the right setup. Beside that it is crap. Give it stun immunity and it is usable :sweat_smile:


Honestly, I’d prefer that it get Poison Immunity since all it’s skills are HP reliant.

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Whatever at least erase one weakness. Just hold ground is not enough. The funny part is that all new legendaries have 2 passive while prismpaw has only 1. I guess some of the devs got betrayed on valentines days :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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