Single roll


Guys, i just can tell u. Do Single rolls !!! Got magmar angelion jaguardian and dracorosa all from Single :smiley:
Thank be later :man_shrugging: (I dont spend as i am f2p)


Not everyone can be that lucky :face_with_thermometer:


What egg did you do exactly?


Either way all I’ve ever got from singles was bane (dupe) and celestron. And I recon I’ve done more than you


I rolled like 3 eggs at y draig Goch Festival got that mythic and dracorosa, a few days later i rolled like 8 Single rolls and got jaguardian, then i was pretty Happy… Got 4 gems and thought, why Not roll, got magmar (that all Star Festival) and Today i was at University and was bored, finished the sbc to get 4 gems and thought to roll, got angelion :joy:


Did 14 singles today morning. Got 1 legendary non limited dupe. Gave up on singles :joy::joy::joy:


Hey , but u got magma outta single. :wink:


True story. The good old times :slight_smile:


Just got gyo from 10 gems (pvp rewards) its ridiculous :flushed:

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2 rare gems = shiva dupe n SE dupe
3 singles = 3 epics
1 pack :point_down:

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2 rare.

400 sec bomb legendary grass and se dup.

9 singles ( all se and epic dups)


U r right now the most hated player , I bet :rage:

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I hope Not :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Gratz digga


Aaaaand i got cani :joy::joy: