silver farming spots?

Im running pretty low on silver believe it or not. Havent really found anywhere great for getting the stuff. Anyone have any ideas. Ive beaten the game and have several 99’s

Crescent Island, I guess.

Thats pretty much what ive been sticking to was just hoping there was better spot somewhere.

Not that I know of, but I’m not big on farming/grinding

Just grind more Arks to 99 using the Bitefish method on Crescent Island. Its a good way to get to 30/30 level 99s and get silver at the same time.

Did you happen to use all your silver on level ups?

Best place for silver is the infinite dungeon. Fights give 700+ and you get a bunch of freebie rooms with 700+ too with no fights. This is only true if you’re fast and efficient when it comes to killing in this dungeon, though. If it takes you a long time to win a fight, you might have better luck elsewhere. 

Aye, that makes sense.

I have yet to try ID myself (I’m impatient), but there are ways that could work. Maybe try an Army team? Or just muscle your way through. Lol.

Ive been using the dungeon as of today it seems to work much fatser then bitefish area

Where the dungeon

It’s the upper levels of the tower west of Reijin. You’ll need to defeat Tiamat to unlock it if you haven’t already

What can I do with my extra silver that I have accumulated?

At the moment, silver is pretty useless. You can buy level boosters, but that’s about it.