Sigan asiendo caso A los p2w

They don’t realize that if they just pay attention to those who buy gems. They ■■■■ the game. They only satisfy their needs. It’s an idiot on their part. The pairing system of emparejamiento del Pvp pairing is a reverend ■■■■ … idiots. What are they? When fulfilling their demands, I for my part insist that if it continues like this, stop playing.



I bought gems to hatch a pack and got 10 epics as a reward.

The game is still doing good. Many of the SE and Legendaries are very competitive in comparison to mythics.

I’m sorry that you’ve had a bad experience in PvP but if you lose a lot it might not be because of the matching system, but weaknesses in your team. If you need help, go to a PvP help thread, post a picture your monsters and team and ask for suggestions to improve your team.

Finally, you really won’t accomplish a lot by posting hateful comments like this.