Side Missions

I’m pretty hyped for the side missions since I finished both the online and offline story. Finally some new neo monsters content :slight_smile:

I’m pretty excited too, but I wanna know when they’re going to continue both the offline and online missions. It’s been a while now…

Ryan should give us a weekly update soon… Maybe he’ll say then! Probably very busy working on PvP at the moment!

Yeah the PvP update of course. Waiting for that too.

It’s been a while since they posted about side missions and the laberynth of the 4 guardians, I really wanna see how those events are and I’m wondering if the 2 ultra evolution of the 4 begginers will make them super epics

I feel like the must make them super epic, to give an help to unlucky people!

I made my viridinychus +9 so I hope it’ll be worth it